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Javed Ali in all Praise for Sandman AKA Sandeep Patil




Renowned composer Sandeep Patil, famously known as Sandman, unveils his latest masterpiece ‘Laut ke aao na’, a stirring homage to India’s unity and resilience. With its touching melodies and meaningful lyrics, the song serves as a powerful anthem encapsulating the values that unite our nation.

Reflecting on the song’s creation, Sandman shared, “Sandy (Santosh Singh) envisioned ‘Laut ke aao na’ to be emotional and deeply patriotic, embodying the essence of love in personal relationships and our devotion to the nation. Love is the common thread weaving through both narratives, and that’s the essence we aimed to capture.”

‘Laut ke aao na’ transcends mere musical expression; it emerges as a rallying cry for solidarity and hope in times of adversity. Its heartfelt verses evoke a profound sense of pride in our shared heritage and inspire listeners to stand resolute in the face of challenges.

Acclaimed playback singer Javed Ali, the voice behind this soulful patriotic anthem, showered praise on Sandman’s creative vision and composition, remarking, “It’s a beautiful composition! This marks my first collaboration with Sandeep Patil Ji, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The moment I heard the composition, I experienced that ‘Aha’ moment – what a melodious song he has crafted! I believe if the composer’s emotions resonate with the audience, then the song is a true success! The conclusion of this song leaves a poignant, nostalgic feeling.”

‘Laut ke aao na’ is a featured track from the esteemed show Ranneeti and is now available for streaming exclusively on Jio Cinema.

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