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Introducing Paper Boat’s Anar



image006Native to the East, the most ancient and captivating foods of the world, Anar can be traced through historical documents to as far back as 4000BC. Being a symbol of abundance and prosperity, Anar migrated through the Silk Route across the world.

And today, capturing the goodness of this wholesome fruit that’s packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants, Paper Boat has launched Anar across general, modern and online trade.

Many childhood moments glaze a sticky sweet coating around Anar: curiosity, impatience, and perhaps a touch of greed.Wide-with-wonder eyes that stared at Ma’s watery pink fingers in anticipation while she de-seeded anar. Not knowing exactly how to burstopen theball ofdelicious, and having towait for Dadi to come along to truly savour it.

The Punicalagins in Anar’s juice and peel are superheroes of antioxidants. The juice is enriched with anti–inflammatory properties with essential vitamins A, C and E along with a bonus of folic acid.

Paper Boat Anar is available across all general and modern trade channels across India. One may also click the link and order a pack of six without breaking a sweat: