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Hola Venky – A Screening of Sorts



Actor Roger NarayanA film that has travelled around the world under well-known indie filmmaker Sandeep Mohan’s concept of ‘The Great Indian Traveling Cinema’~

Hola Venky, directed by Sandeep Mohan is geared up to release online on April 2nd, 2015 through Mobile Phones, IPads & PCs and Laptops in over 110 countries around the world.

The extraordinariness about Hola Venky is that Sandeep chose to introduce the film to the audience at various cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries, office spaces, homes, church halls, virtually any alternative space that was available. He has done these screenings in India, US and Singapore. This is what makes Hola Venky edgy, contemporary, and in sync with new audience that is technology-savvy. Sandeep writes and directs “personal” films which he believes in.

When asked Sandeep Mohan to share one of the incidents that let him to present the movie in any available space he says, “I met my Co-Producer Sanjay Gulati while screening Hola Venky on the second floor lobby of a building. Since more people turned up than expected, we couldn’t seat all inside the conference room in his office and had to put up the screen at the Lobby of the second floor – by the elevator doors. So occasionally, the lift doors would open and people would step out and be totally taken aback to see a screening happening there. A little surreal! But the screening turned out to be good since I ended up meeting my Co-Producer.”