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Dorado apps for mobile internet users offer convenience and efficiency



darodaNew Delhi, August 11th, 2016-Felink Technology, a spinoff from Baidu, the giant Chinese web services company, is launching its Dorado brand, a full suite of products for the mobile internet in India. From home screen landscaping to systems management and life service applications, Dorado apps are focused on providing flexibility, convenience and creativity to mobile internet usage.
Named after a constellation in the southern sky, the Dorado brand features an array of utility and content apps localized for India’s exploding mobile internet market. Authoritative sources estimate the number of mobile internet users will increase to more than 300 million in 2017.

Pride of place in the Dorado suite goes Dorado Genius, a utility app that helps migrate data from feature phones to smart phones. It also offers apps and games along with latest news and tips and HD wallpapers that can be personalized to beautify launch screens. In addition, Dorado Genius facilitates no-cost file transfer using Bluetooth or Hotspot. Dorado Clean Ram Booster is an app that cleans junk files, saves ram space and speeds Android phones to facilitate taking photos, viewing videos and listening to music.

Also featured are content apps such as the wildly popular 91 Launcher, a home screen landscaping tool with an array of themes and wallpapers, a memory cleaner and various news, weather and music icons and Pixel Phone, a smart dialler and contacts manager.

Keeping in mind the need to localize products, the array of launched products includes a Hindu Calendar/Weather app. It displays dates according to several Hindu calendars and information on various festivals.
To mark the launch of the Dorado brand in India, Felink co-founder and Principal of Overseas Divisions Tom BR Chen said, “Our vision is to offer our growing array of quality content apps and establish the Dorado brand with its ease-of-use, localized functions and interesting features in India’s dynamic mobile internet market.”