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Barkhaa hits the silver screen today



Co-producer Sanjay Bedia, Taaha Shah, Producer Shabana Hashmi, Sara Loren and Director Shadaab Mirza at the premiere of BarkhaaZahara Productions’ maiden film, ‘Barkhaa’ is a women centric film. The film is being releases by Essel Vision Pvt. Ltd. This ambitions film brings alive the complexities of life while weaving the highs and lows of love in the life of a girl shunned by society. In a rarely seen bold move, Zahara Production’s maiden film has Sara Loren as a female protagonist and Taaha Shah as the lead. Also featuring in the film are Priyanshu Chatterjee, Puneet Issar and Shweta Pandit as a supporting role.

All praise for his actors’ performances, director Shadaab Mirza said, “Sara has brought with her her own brand of elegance and mysterious beauty. Taaha, who plays her love interest, has spun his own magic into his character. His vulnerability and dedication has touched the hearts of everyone who has seen the movie.”

Optimistic about the story, that deals with ordinary people stuck in extraordinary circumstances, finding resonance with the viewers, Shadaab said, “The emotions our characters feel are the same that every one of us live with almost every day.” Encouraged by the support of his producers, he further added, “The subject deals with the life of a girl who is ostracized by society. The producers never shied away from what most people would consider a controversial subject.”

Producers Shabana Hashmi and co-producer Sanjay Bedia have had a great journey creating ‘Barkhaa. They sum up their experience saying, “Shadaab has made a film that has taken all of us on an emotional journey. Both Sara and Taaha have done justice to their characters and for us, as our first film, Barkhaa is a story that we are proud of. We now look forward to audience reactions.”