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A training methodology from UK is changing lives of school children in India



Paathshala learning solutions, an education company, announced the success of their first phase of using ‘Cafe Style Speed Training’ – a training used by Corporates also for school students in Tier2 & Tier 3 Cities. Implemented in Muzaffarpur, Ranchi and Ghaziabad, the first phase has already reached out to 3000 school children and now the team is looking to expand to 120 other smaller tier 2 & 3 cities like Noida, Patna, Meerut, Kharagpur, Nagpur, Udaipur and more and reach out to 20 Lakh Students.

In India, Café Style Speed Training is being implemented in corporate life by names like Deutsche Bank, Infosys and SBI. On this occasion Fi Haywood, the founder of the Café Style Speed Training along with Rajib Chowdhury – the founder of Paathshala were present. “I am amazed at the results that Café Style Speed Training is giving with the SeTU program and the way it is consistently delivering 6 X faster results than traditional educational and training methods.”

The teachers agree with Haywood. Says Poonam Dhawan, Incharge at St Xavier’s School, Ramna, “Paathshala has taken an initiative to inculcate the lost moral values in students. It is a Values & Behaviours Training Program. I would call it the need of the hour. Paathshala is an activity based programme in which children don’t feel they’re being forced to be disciplined. They get involved in the activities of Paathshala and in the course of time evolve as better human beings. Hats off to the Paathshala team for initiating and successfully carrying out this programme!”
What makes this training special is that Café Style Speed Training uses the Neuroscience of Play to incorporate changes in any life – and is designed to be ‘Transformational’, not ‘Informational’. Fi Haywood said, “The method is built on the principles of advertising. It aims to distract the conscious mind, whilst the learning happens subconsciously. This accelerates learning and change.”

For founder Rajib Chowdhury, incorporating Café Style Speed Training in SeTU was a perfect fit. “Schools in India face similar challenges as corporates. The need to ‘transform’ its children’s attitude, behaviour and skill, without eating into operational teaching time. Which is why SeTU only demands half an hour from every student per week.”

The team is also launching at the Franchise India in Pragati Maidan on 18th& 19th, a special program called Masti- Ghar Ghar Main Paathshala. A unique micro-playschool concept from Paathshala, Masti Ghar Ghar Main Paathshala is designed to be first of its kind women entrepreneurship program. The aim is to give the women in tier 2 & 3 cities in India a low entry cost entrepreneurship opportunity wherein they can convert their home into a playschool.

The idea struck Sonal Seth, co-founder of Paathshala when she travelled into the interiors of India over the last few years, “We believe the opportunity is huge given we have so many educated women in tier 2 and 3 cities who are not stepping out to work. Besides, this is a unique concept with low entry cost and without needing to invest in any space.”

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