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Vicky Shoor , Manali Jagtap   with familay IMG_6531Leaving the audience spell bound Parvathy Omanakuttan turned the heads as she stepped on the ramp walking as a showstopper for Manali Jagtap wearing a spectacular & vibrant ensemble with magnificent jewellery by Surya Golds.

The show absolutely high in fashion quotient was attended by the who’s who of Delhi. The first row of the show witnessed the crème-de-la-crème crowd comprising of the fashioner’s and bloggers of Delhi who were love struck looking at the collection of cocktail gowns.

Fashion Designer Manali Jagtap showcased her exquisite collection of cocktail gows. The Fashion show spearheaded by Surya Gold Jewelers showcased their chic jewelry.

It rained fashion in the fashion capital of the country, Delhi when the designer Manali Jagtap amalgamated her designs with splendid jewelry by Surya Gold carrying the heritage of producing divine jewelry. However opting for an unconventional way the alluring collection consisted of simple yet stylish silhouette becoming the most desirable collection.

Top models from the fashion glittery world donned the outfits by Manali Jagtap and the Chic Jewels from Surya Gold glorifying the ensemble on the ramp.

Drawing inspiration from our very own nature this time Manali Jagtap presented her exquisite collection of cocktail gowns with a different touch. Red has been a favorite for centuries but blue, maroons, blues, golden, blacks can be opted for the night . So here she is with a whole new collection designed with extreme intricate detailing. Opting for the least obvious texture and color she went ahead incorporating the four components earth, water, air and fire. Each holding their significance where pastel colors mark the significant of earth: blue presenting water and air: golden presenting fire.

Surya Gold Jewelers creating everything (be it Gold Jewellery or Diamond Jewelry) is a work of art! Skilled hands, sharp eyes and creative minds combine to transform gold and diamonds into sheer works of art. Surya Golds has established an Ingredient Branding Partnership. The studded jewelry bears not just a mark of excellence, but also an assurance of quality that is recognized the world over.

Revealing much about the collection the designer explains “­­­­­­­­­­­My latest collection is something totally new that I have never attempted before. The USP of this collection is that it is for the masses. Now-a-days every one dreams to wear the best of designs therefore giving it a different touch this time I have opted for shades of blacks, blues, maroons and golds, with this collection every woman can live up to her  dream without compromising the integrity of the designs”.