Walkaroo Unveils Its Vibrant New Collection: Embrace the Season in Style & Comfort



National, May 2024 – Walkaroo, the leading footwear brand in the country, is excited to announce the launch of its vibrant New Collection, featuring over 300 comfortable footwear styles for Men, Women, Teens and Kids. The latest collection has attractive earthy tones in shades like Khaki, Burgundy, and Fig. This stylish range includes a new range of two-strap and wider-strap sandals, sliders, Kolhapuri, floaters, and Dhool sandals for both Gents & Ladies, with exclusive designs for Boys, Girls & kids, ensuring comfort and style for every young adventurer.


Men: Walkaroo’s vibrant Collection features not only new designs, but vibrant colors. With an extensive men’s lineup of new color palette in Walkaroo across Slippers, Chappals & Sandals, New Design range in Walkaroo plus with dual-coloured Sole and double density sole. Explore the new casual to semi-formal designs in versatile colors such as Khaki, Camel Tan, Teal Blue, and Tuscan Brown.


Teens: The exclusive teen collection features captivating designs from unique patterns, formal styles, and trendy dual-coloured options, the sliders are tailored to match every teen’s unique style.


Ladies: Ladies can explore over 200 stunning sandal designs in the latest seasonal colours like Burgundy, Fig, Blush, and Grape, all attractively priced between ₹200 to ₹500 for diverse preferences and occasions. This collection also showcases coordinated sole colors, seamlessly blending the vibrant hue of the upper with that of the sole. This makes styling effortless for those who love matching their clothes and accessories. For anyone looking to break away from conventional sole colors in footwear, this offers an exciting experience.


Kids: The Walkaroo kids’ collection present 80 delightful options combining fun, durability, and affordability in various sizes and styles. This collection highlights fisherman sandals tailored specifically for kids, guaranteeing both comfort and style for every budding adventurer.


Step into fashion with Walkaroo and discover the perfect footwear for every occasion, whether it’s casual outings, beach days, or outdoor adventures. Each piece in the collection seamlessly blends fashion with comfort, ensuring healthy feet and on-trend style. Stand out with eye-catching hues and playful patterns that capture the essence of the season.


The latest collection is available across various retail networks in India and on the company website to make styles accessible to people from different walks of life.

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