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The Greatest spy of Indian History, Ravindra Kaushik’s aka ‘The Black Tiger’ biopic, will be helmed by veteran and highly renowned director ANURAG BASU.



The official Biopic of the Greatest spy of Indian History – Ravindra Kaushik aka ‘The Black Tiger’, will be helmed by acclaimed director ANURAG BASU. Ravindra Kaushik was just 20 when he first went undercover for RA&W. Kaushik is regarded to be India’s best spy thus far for his incredible success in penetrating the highest ranks of the Pakistani Army, thereby receiving the moniker “The Black Tiger” from the then Prime Minister of India, Ms. Indira Gandhi. His intuitive and timely reporting of critical information ensured that Indian Security Forces, between 1974 to 1983, were constantly steps ahead of any move Pakistan was planning to make.

Indian spy thriller films are becoming increasingly popular in the film industry. These movies are so well-liked by the audience because of the gripping stories, incredible action, and brilliant representation of all of it. There are a ton of fantastic fictitious spy thrillers that the public enjoys, and now It’s time for the audience to watch some actual espionage dramas .

Director Anurag Basu comments on the biopic- “Ravindra Kaushik’s story is that of courage and valour. At the young age of 20 years, he played a pivotal role in many national and international security matters of the 70s and 80s that went on to define India’s as well as South Asia’s geo-political character. So much of our history is either hidden or forgotten… We ought to recognise and learn about this unsung hero.”

The family also has consented to the biopic and is supporting the makers by sharing all the information in addition to the story from their lens as well.
Ravindra Kaushik’s biopic is produced by Anurag Basu, R Vivek, Asvin Srivatsangam and Divay Dhamija.

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