Team India New T20I Jersey celebrates the  indomitable energy and enthusiasm that supporters bring to the game



Fans of the Indian cricket team come from all genders, age groups and geographies.  These fans are now front and center in the new One Blue jersey as it celebrates them  and pays homage to the unity, indomitable energy and support they bring to the game.  The jersey starts retailing at an affordable price of just INR 1,999. 

Mumbai, September 20, 2022: MPL Sports, the official kit sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team,  and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently unveiled the official Team India Jersey for all T20 Internationals. Called the ‘One Blue Jersey,’ it celebrates the  indomitable energy and enthusiasm that supporters bring to the game. Most importantly,  it pays homage to the legions of fans that span different genders and age groups, and  transcend geographical borders.  

The jersey is styled with a pattern of equilateral triangles—a universal symbol of the  blend of energy, spirit and power—that celebrates the unswerving support of the fans  who have stood behind the team through thick and thin. Combined with petals found in  the BCCI’s insignia, the jersey embodies the loyalty and merit that the game demands.  The jersey comes in shades of the iconic and fan-favorite blue color for a look befitting  the champions of the game.  

The One Blue Jersey will make its debut on the pitch during the upcoming T20 series  against Australia on the 20th of September. It replaces the Billion Cheers Jersey at all  T20 International competitions. Players will continue to sport the Billion Cheers Jersey  at One Day Internationals. 

The jersey starts retailing at Rs 1,999 and will be available for purchase at  starting today, and all leading e-commerce and retail outlets. Along with this, over 40  SKUs, including player edition jerseys, training gear and athleisure wear, will be  available. 

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