Nestlé Resource Diabetic in their latest campaign captures the positive impact of small yet meaningful changes in people’s daily lives




11th April, 2022 : In their pursuit to help people living with diabetes lead an even more fulfilling life, Nestlé Resource Diabetic in their latest campaign, is asking people one very pertinent question – “What did you do for yourself today?”. The campaign focuses on the need to make ‘a series of small choices, made every day’ which could lead to a healthier and happier life for the diabetics. Renowned TV actress Jyoti Gauba, of Kota Factory fame, has been roped in for this campaign.  


Talking about the roll-out of the campaign Abdul Hanan, Business Head, Nestlé Health Science, Nestlé India, said “Through this campaign we wanted to communicate that it is possible to lead a healthy and happy life even if you have diabetes. We wanted to convey that through a series of small, but impactful decisions, it is possible to thrive, even with diabetes. We believe that Resource Diabetic is an able ally for such people in their quest to restore normalcy in their daily lives.”


Jyoti Gauba, the lead talent in the commercial talking about her association with the brand, said “It is a privilege to be associating with Nestlé. Resource Diabetic is not just a product. This is a great support system in ensuring that diabetes doesn’t hold someone back, in their quest for a fulfilling life.”


Resource Diabetic has been scientifically formulated with low glycemic index to supports gradual release of glucose in the blood stream, which keeps diabetes in check.

Creative Agency: Magnon Group

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