Nesco Organizes World of Safety Summit and Expo in Collaboration with Maharashtra’s Directorate Of Industrial Safety and Health




Honourable Minister of  Labour Shri. Suresh (Bhau) Dagadu Khade  inaugurates World Safety Summit and Expo to promote workforce safety in industries

Mumbai, 27th April 2023: Nesco Events, in partnership with the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH) and the Safety appliances and Manufacturers Association (SAMA), organized the World of Safety Summit and Expo 2023, an event which aimed to promote the safety of the workforce in industries.

The two-day program, being held on 27-28th April, is  focused on introducing new technology and best practices in manufacturing facilities to achieve the goal of “Zero Accident”in manufacturing facilities  by bringing all stakeholders under one roof. The summit aimed to create a sustainable and safe environment in the industrial sector of Maharashtra.

The inauguration ceremony was conducted by Honourable Minister of  Labour Shri. Suresh (Bhau) Dagadu Khade, who emphasized on the importance of safety of workforce in manufacturing units and urged participants and stakeholders to work towards promoting effective ways to improve safety in factories and industrial environments. He also unveiled the next edition of the Expo which is scheduled to be held on  June 13-14, 2024.

Mr. Kumar Razdan, Vice President of Nesco Events said, “The World of Safety Summit and Expo is a unique platform for safety professionals to come together and share their knowledge and expertise. We are grateful to the partners for creating such an engaging and informative event, which has given us the opportunity to support such a significant initiative and learn from industry leaders and gain new insights into the latest safety technologies and best practices. We look forward to organizing the next edition of the event with greater participation of stakeholders to promote the welfare of the workforce driving the growth of our country.”

The first day of the event was attended more than 2000 delegates which included dignitaries and experts from various industries, emergency management sector and health-safety-environment officials. It featured informative sessions, and panel discussions on safety-related topics, including ISO 45001-Safety Management System, Occupational Safety and Health Code, Industrial Hygiene and Role of Safety Officers. The expo showcased leading safety equipment manufacturers and service providers, exhibiting products and services for confined spaces, construction sites, disaster management, electrical safety, emergency management, first aid training, safety at height, use of safety equipment, traffic safety, and more.

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