Jhansi Unveils Groundbreaking Space Museum with Axis Three Dee Studio’s Immersive Audio-Visual Spectacle



Jhansi, India, May 14, 2024 – The city of Jhansi has taken a giant leap into the future with the inauguration of the Jhansi Space Museum, a revolutionary establishment that promises to captivate visitors with its unparalleled immersive experiences in space exploration. Crafted by the visionary team at Axis Three Dee Studio, this museum utilizes cutting-edge projection mapping, full dome experiences, and other innovative technologies to transport guests on a cosmic odyssey like no other.

The museum’s guiding theme, “Cosmic Continuum: Bridging Past and Future,” pays homage to India’s rich legacy in astronomical sciences while embracing the boundless possibilities of space exploration in the modern age. Through its symbolic design elements and integration of ancient wisdom with cutting-edge innovation, the Jhansi Space Museum invites visitors to embark on a journey that transcends time and space.

“The Jhansi Space Museum represents a significant advancement in the realm of space exploration and travel experiences,” said Mr. Avijit Samajdar, Founder of Axis Three Dee Studio. “Our objective is to foster an insatiable interest in space science and, through innovative technology and creative vision, we aim to inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for space science among visitors of all ages.”

The museum’s immersive displays, including the captivating Dome Projection, envelop audiences in a visual spectacle that showcases celestial phenomena and the marvels of space science. These cutting-edge experiences transport visitors to the edges of the known universe, leaving them in awe of the vastness and complexity of the cosmos.


The Jhansi Space Museum, located in Jhansi, India, stands as a beacon of learning and discovery in the realm of space exploration and astronomy. This distinguished institution showcases a diverse collection of artifacts, models, and interactive exhibits related to space missions, satellites, rockets, and celestial phenomena. Its mission is to spark curiosity about the universe, fostering scientific knowledge among visitors of all ages.

In addition to its engaging displays, the Jhansi Space Museum proposes to include educational programs, workshops, and special events in the future, to further enrich the visitor experience. These initiatives aim to inspire a new generation of space enthusiasts and promote a deeper understanding of space science and technology.


Axis Three Dee Studios (ATDS), founded in 2008, leads the industry with cutting-edge solutions in Animation, CG, VFX, Projection Mappings and other Immersive solutions. Known for its global impact, with offices in New Delhi and Seoul, ATDS has achieved milestones like projecting vivid content on the “Adiyogi” and the “Vishwaas Swaroopam”, World’s Tallest Shiva statues. Currently engaged in diverse projects, from water projections in Ayodhya to crafting immersive content for a Space Museum in Jhansi, and concept to execution projects for innovative museums and experience centers, ATDS continues to be a pioneering force, garnering accolades such as the ‘Mondo Dr* Awards’ for technical and content excellence as well as many other International prestigious awards and recognitions in its kitty.



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