Infiniti Mall (a division of K Raheja Realty) provides a glamorous opportunity to specially challenged women




~Specially abled women with Down Syndrome, Autistic and Thalassemia walked the ramp with their unique styles~


Mumbai, 9th May 2022: To bring an inspiring twist to what we usually see on the ramp, Infiniti Mall, a division of K Raheja Realty, associated with a Fashion Show in Mumbai where they had specially abled yet power-packed women with Down Syndrome, Autistic and Thalassemia walk the ramp and fill the atmosphere with inspiration and enthusiasm. The event was the talk of the town because of all the allure, fun, and gander that these women brought in with their unique styles.


Infiniti Mall has believed in contributing to society and has been part of various such initiatives for the betterment of women. In 2021, the mall came up with this initiative called “Initiative to Inspire”, a foundation for specially-abled women entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and talent to become a part of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The initiative got its wings to fly and more than 14 participants came together where they finally got first-hand experience with customers and fellow entrepreneurs through a Flea Market setup at Infiniti Mall. It was overwhelming to see these budding female entrepreneurs acing this opportunity.


Impressed by this very generous and commendable effort by Infiniti Mall, the Fashion Show organizers decided to applaud this initiative by offering these women an opportunity to walk the ramp. They had a fabulous lineup of women for the glamorous evening starting with Down Syndrome participants like Shivaali Bhandari, Ashritha Shetty, Shikha Vajpai and Nandani Ladhani along with intellectually disabled participants Dhvani Shah and Anisha Khanna. These women work across various fields such as dance, cooking, making homemade handicraft items, soaps and shampoos, cakes and chocolates, etc. Priyanka Govekar is a social worker having an above-knee amputation, Aishwarya Joshi who is Autistic yet makes beautiful jute bags, and decorative items, Krishna Adhia who specializes in all kinds of jewelry has Thalassemia. Last but not the least, Pallavi Nair who has Pierre Robin Syndrome is a dancer and won lots of award from well-known choreographers.


Mr. Gaurav Balani, Head of Marketing, Infiniti Mall said, “Infiniti Mall is always eager to work for the development of the community. The step by the mall to provide a platform to these specially-abled women and turn their disability into ability was so commendable that it motivated the fashion show organizers to feature this ‘Initiative to Inspire’ as a part of the Fashion Week’s Social Responsibility section. Infiniti Mall believes that behind every disability, there is an ability and that was their inspiration to come up with the ‘Initiative to Inspire’.”


All in all, this Fashion Show was indeed a great success as it portrayed all the sentiments of the participants in the most elegant way. It was once in a lifetime experience for everyone present during the Fashion Show to witness such influential women thrashing all the stigma with each step they took on the ramp. This initiative Infiniti Mall was truly appreciated by people from all walks of life.

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