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Incidences of High Myopia increasing among children and young adults in the last 5 years



Can be easily corrected with the help of Implantable Lens: Dr Nita Shah

Mumbai, 19th September 2022: There has been a notable increase in the incidence of high power among young adults in the last 5 years, noted Dr Nita Shah, Head – Clinical Services, Chembur, Mumbai, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital.

“This increase can be attributed to the increase in  near vision activity in the form of gadgets, decrease in outdoor activities, nutritional factors, etc. During peak Covid, there were restrictions on outdoor activity for young and old both leading to more screen time. School work was on phone as everyone could not afford a computer for each child. People were using masks which apparently led to more dryness in the eyes.”, informs Dr Nita Shah, Head – Clinical Services, Chembur, Mumbai, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital

Very high power (High myopia) usually occurs due to an elongation the in axial length of the eyeball. It is usually an inherited genetic condition. High myopia can also occur due of overuse of Gadgets like mobile phones, tablets etc. Neglect and irregular eye check-ups in patients especially children with a refractive power can lead to very high power. Not using glasses regularly can also cause the power to jump up.

Dr Nita Shah, adds, “High refractive error can be corrected with the help of Phakic Implantable Lens (Phakic IOL).  The Phakic IOL is customised to a particular patients’ eye. It improves the quality of life because of an excellent quality of vision. The Phakic IOL is customised to a particular patients’ eye.   It is a painless, completely reversible procedure and requires only 5-minute of simple surgery. The patient quickly recovers from the procedure and there is an immediate improvement in vison. The procedure has less than 1% rate of retreatment, requires zero maintenance and absolutely no risk of rejection. Today, this is the most preferred technique if the power is high and the patient is unfit for other refractive error correction procedures such as LASIK, PRK, SMILE.”

Person suffering with High Myopia and looking for options to get rid of their spectacle can consult Ophthalmologist to understand the various options of refractive error correction. Post that a Refractive Surgeon would be the best guide to suggest the most suitable procedure and technique for the treatment of the refractive error. An assessment through eye examinations and measurements is done to judge the suitability of specific procedure to be employed in the case to treat the patient. The doctor will either opt for Phakic Lens or Laser procedure as a best fit to treat the condition on the patient.

Phakic IOLs procedure has become quite common these days with more and more refractive surgeons and patients opting for this procedure as the results are excellent and reversible. The cost of the procedure can be anywhere between Rs 60,000 – Rs 140,000, depending on whether the lens is Indian or Imported per eye. Phakic IOLs offers a huge improvement in the quality of vision and the procedure is easily available at all major eye hospitals and clinics across India.

If the Spectacle power is below -8 and the Cornea is thin making the patient unfit for Lasik or Smile we can do PRK(Photo Refractive Keratotomy).

PRK can be done with the Streamlight technology with the Wavelight EX 500 Laser which is





Safest Laser surgery to give the patient a beautiful Vision

There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the world around you …..effortlessly. The day has come when we can give excellent visual quality to patients with a high Minus power.

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