How a love affair between Suhas and Deepa bloomed into a successful Culinary Empire



When in 1988 young handsome multifaceted Dr Suhas Awchat had gone to receive Lata Mangeshkar little did he know that his entire future was going to change and he was about to meet Miss Deepa, a Senior Customs Intelligence Officer. It was love at first sight for him when he first saw young and beautiful Deepa in immaculate white uniform with Ashok Emblem, stars & stripes at Mumbai Airport

Their love story began and they got married after a short relationship. Their journey has had many momentous milestones. Legendary Singer Lata Didi encouraged Dr Suhas to get married to the Goan girl and today they are living healthy life with their extremely talented sons Sudeep and Akash who are currently taking the legacy forward in Mumbai.

Miss Deepa Awchat was born and brought up in Goa, She comes from a family of sportsmen. All her brothers were state-level football and table tennis players. She was fortunate enough to be trained by her brother who was the NIS coach. She played in the Nationals representing Goa and Mumbai, and also won many medals for the Revenue Board after joining Customs and the Central Excise Department. She received certificates of commendation & rewards from the Ministry of Finance for her distinguished service in the Customs department. Her Customs job was very challenging as she used to be part of the men’s team to raid ships, docks and aircrafts, and seize gold and contraband goods whenever she was posted in the Central Intelligence Department. Then she resigned from Customs / Revenue Service to follow her passion for food and joined her husband Dr. Suhas Awchat in the hospitality business.

Dr. Suhas Awchat is a renowned public figure and received “PRESIDENT’S MEDALS” As Special Police Officer for distinguished service during Riots/ Bomb blast/ Elections/ Natural Calamities. Apart from all this, Suhas Awchat is a passionate singer and fabulous actor who has worked in the Marathi & Bollywood movies Page 3, Corporate, etc. and list is goes on. He was a well-known model and has done various modelling assignments, Dr Suhas Awchat and Deepa Suhas Awchat are the Founder Directors of Goa Portuguesa Restaurants Pvt Ltd, which operates several restaurants across Mumbai, Chennai, Baroda, Pune and UAE & soon other locations Together, Dr Suhas Awchat and Deepa Suhas Awchat have created a culinary empire that is synonymous with excellence, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Their restaurants are not just places to eat but are also cultural landmarks that celebrate the rich heritage of Goan cuisine. With their commitment to giving back to society and their kind-hearted nature, Dr Suhas Awchat and Deepa Suhas Awchat are sure to continue making a positive impact on the lives of those around them.
Awards and Honours – “Udyog Shri “Businessman of The Year Award. @ Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce “MAHARASHTRA RATNA” Highest Award given by FMR. C.M. of Maharashtra @ Kala Niketan / Academy
“THE BEST RESTAURATEUR” Award by Indo Swiss Society @ IMC. “Outstanding Gourmet Restaurateur” Award by International Tourism Council. Topnotch Restaurant Awards: Authentic Gourmet Restaurant award to ‘Dakshin Culture Curry’ by NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corp. Best Restaurant Award by Times Food Oscars of India for Diva Maharashtracha GoaPortuguesa Restobar for 18th times in a row.
Diva Maharashtracha Awarded as Asia’s Finest Restaurant by “Miele Guide” Singapore.

Besides running his restaurants, Dr Suhas Awchat is also involved in various philanthropic activities. He actively supports various charities and NGOs that work towards empowering women and children. His commitment to giving back to society is a testament to his kind-hearted nature and his desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Suhas Awchat is a renowned public figure and also an award winner of ‘’The Best Restaurateur”. He is a man of ecstasy and euphoria which has brought him great success personally and professionally. Suhas Awchat is food-savvy and a man with a good taste. He always keeps a track on his restaurants and makes sure every bit is hyenic and impeccable. He has found his space in the catering industry and he knows how to sway people with his every meal. And in addition to this, he is also the founder and the CEO of Mumbai’s Globally Awarded and ISO/ Tourism Department certified triple restaurants – ‘Goa Portuguesa’, ‘Dakshin Culture Curry’ and ‘Diva Maharashtracha’ that serves an exotic combination of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood to everyone who possesses a passion for food just like him.

Interestingly, Suhas Awchat is a Medical Doctor, but he opt never into practicing it. He instead chose to open his own Goan restaurant in the most happening city – Mumbai, in the interest of his love for food and health. Apart from all this, Suhas Awchat is a fabulous actor, a model, a singer and is deeply involved in the field of journalism.

Dr. Suhas Awchat has also served as a Special Executive Magistrate. Govt. of Maharashtra. Member of Himalayan Military Institute Ministry of Defence. Govt. President of All India Human Rights Association Mumbai Member of several Govt. & Non Govt. Organizations & Committee (MHC) Police Public Committee for Communal Harmony. Advisory Member of Traffic Police Committee-Mumbai appointment by Bombay High Court.
Was awarded as TRENDSETTER OF INDIA by Lokmat Media by the hands of Governor of Maharashtra. Appointed as a Food Critique & Judge for many contests held by leading organizations & Media Journalist / Columnist / Correspondent for many Print & Electronic Media. Model, Singer and Acted in Marathi, Hindi Movies & T. V. Serials.




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