Homeopathy: A Positive Touch of Relief for AIDS



Mumbai, December 2, 2022: Around 38.4 million people across the world are living with HIV, with over 2.4 million people who have AIDS battling hostility and speculation apart from the disease. But what exactly is AIDS? Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, or AIDS, is a chronic and potentially life-threatening condition caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The disease compromises the human body’s immune system, interfering with its ability to fight infections and other ailments. AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV infection, which can take several years to develop if not treated. It can lead to certain cancers, infections, or severe long-term clinical problems.

World AIDS Day, first observed in 1988, aimed to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic at a time when multiple stigmas were associated with it. World AIDS Day is dedicated to support people living with HIV and to address their inequalities that hinder the progress of banishing the disease. Since the beginning of time, there have been many misconceptions about AIDS stating that it can be caused by skin-to-skin contact or sharing food and the taboo that revolves round these diseases do not allow one to break free from these myths. HIV cannot be transmitted through bodily contact, however, having unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing needles with an infected person puts one at a higher risk of contracting HIVsince the viral load is higher in bodily fluids such as blood and semen. HIV can also spread to the baby during pregnancy and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an increased risk of perinatal HIV infection is associated with breastfeeding. Even though maternal ART significantly lowers the risk of transmission through breast milk, the risk still exists.

Homeopathy is one medicinal practise that can significantly help in treating patients with HIV or AIDS. It helps boost the patient’s immune system and enhance overall physical and mental health. Homeopathy medicines (like Syphilinum, Sulphur, Arsenic Iodum, Silica, Tuberculinum, Kali Carbonicum, Calcaria Iodum, Bacillinum, Arsenicum Album, and Phosphorus) can be used in conjunction with ART or antiretroviral therapy and other treatments to treat AIDS.

The treatment effectively alleviates some of the commonly encountered symptoms of AIDS-related complications. It has been able to combat opportunistic infections by modulating the overall immunity of the patient.

While Homeopathy doesn’t effectively cure AIDS, several studies have shown how the complementary medical system offers patients symptomatic relief, improvement in appetite & well-being, increase in weight, and reduced frequency of opportunistic infections. Homeopathy also treats hair loss, memory loss, and treatment of depression and other neurologic disorders.

In an era where there have been positive developments in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, Homeopathy is starting to build a reputation for helping patients during different stages of the condition, thereby helping them live with the condition while sustaining a long and healthy lifestyle.

Commenting on World AIDS Day, Dr Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri Recipient, Founder & Chairman, Dr Batra’s said, “World Aids Day is observed only annually, but we need to support individuals battling HIV all year round. We must join hands to fight against this life-threatening ailment to save lives. One great way to eradicate HIV is by creating enhanced awareness about the disease to give future generations a world free from AIDS. Besides, Homeopathy is essential in providing great relief to such patients. Although it cannot cure the disease, Homeopathy can immensely boost the physical and mental health of HIV patients. It can minimize infection risks, improving patients’ immunity and overall quality of life. Thus, the immunity factor by Homeopathy is an essential element in treating HIV.”

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