Holy Family Hospital Inaugurates Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Department and Upgraded Medical and Pediatric Wards



Mumbai, May 25, 2024 – Holy Family Hospital at Bandra West, inaugurated its state-of-the-art Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Department and the newly upgraded Medical and Pediatric Wards. The event showcased the hospital’s ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge healthcare facilities to the community.

The inauguration featured the introduction of the Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Department, a new facility equipped with the latest technology to enhance the hospital’s diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, providing patients with top-tier endoscopic services like Third Space Endoscopic procedures such as Peroral endoscopic myotomy, Gastric Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy and other Therapeutic, Diagnostic and Endoscopic Ultrasound guided procedures. Additionally, the event showcased the renovated medical ward, reflecting significant upgrades designed to improve patient care and comfort, thereby offering a better environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the unveiling of the upgraded PICU & Pediatric Ward is a testament to our efforts to provide the highest standard of care for children from all walks of society, ensuring their recovery in a comfortable and modern setting.

The Endoscopy Department was inaugurated by Mr. Sanjay Marathe (Senior Police Inspector – Bandra Police Station) and blessed by His Lordship Bishop Dominic Savio. The Medical Ward was inaugurated by Mr. Geoffrey Nagpal and Mr. Ashley Nagpal of EBCO Pvt Ltd, and the PICU & Pediatric Ward was inaugurated by Mr. Harish Shah and Ms. Bina Shah of HBS Foundation, both followed by blessings from His Lordship Bishop Dominic Savio.

Dr. (Sr) Beena (Executive Director) Holy Family Hospital shared “We are immensely proud to launch these upgraded facilities, which symbolize our dedication to advancing healthcare standards. The new Endoscopy Department and enhanced Pediatric Wards are a testament to our commitment to providing top notch medical care to our community.” she also highlighted the significance of these upgrades. Prominent guests, including Mr. Harish Shah & Ms. Bina Shah, Mr. Geoffrey Nagpal & Mr. Ashley Nagpal, Mr. Sanjay Marathe, and Bishop Dominic Savio were also present at the event.

Ms. Bina Shah of Harish & Bina Shah Foundation (HBSF) said “It is an honour for us to be closely associated with Holy Family Hospital. Our support for the PICU & Paediatric Ward reflects our deep belief in the hospital’s mission to provide exceptional care to children in need. We are looking forward to the enhanced support this facility will offer and together, we can ensure that while children receive medical care, they are in an environment which is cheerful and healing.”

Mr. Geoffrey Nagpal of Ebco Private Limited said, ““I believe that true service lies in uplifting those who are most in need. The upgradation and renovation of the Medical Ward is a step towards ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare. Together, we can make a significant impact and contribute to a healthier, more compassionate community.”

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