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Club Mahindra redefines moment marketing with a path-breaking AI integration.



~ “The campaign leverages AI to craft magical moments with animated videos, static posts, and GIFs.”~

(Click here to view the cricket icons celebrating Holi in their toddler avatars)

Mumbai 28th March 2024: Club Mahindra the flagship brand of Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited, known for its commitment to innovation and excellence continues to redefine creativity through AI-driven initiatives. In its quest to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with its audience, the brand has launched a heartwarming new campaign that is centered around the ongoing IPL season. Going beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing strategies the campaign integrates AI and aims to create unforgettable memories through animated videos, static posts, and gifs.

As a part of the campaign, Club Mahindra recently released the first of many creatives An endearing portrayal of cricket legends celebrating Holi as toddlers. Leveraging AI tools, the pictures imagined India’s cricket icons celebrating the vibrant spirit of Holi festivities in their cheerful toddler avatars. Centered around the theme of ‘Creating Magical Moments’ this innovative approach not only captured attention but also stirred a sense of nostalgia among fans. As for many, these players are not just sports icons, but they represent cherished childhood memories.

In line with its core value of creating magical experiences, Club Mahindra chose cricket, recognizing its profound resonance with millions, thereby building a deeper connection with its target audience.

Club Mahindra’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Pratik Mazumder, shares his thoughts saying, At Club Mahindra, we are committed to offering our members and audience exceptional experiences both offline and online. Capitalizing on the cricket frenzy, our latest initiative, themed around ‘Creating Magical Moments’, ingeniously integrated cutting-edge AI technology. This initiative garnered significant engagement on our social media platforms, affirming the significant impact of our innovative approach on audience engagement and brand perception. We look forward to engaging with our audience in exciting new ways.


Capitalizing on the Christmas season last year, Club Mahindra launched the #MeetTheRealSanta campaign, utilizing AI to deliver personalized messages from Santa Claus to children and their families. This initiative created unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, the most creative entries were awarded a trip to Santa Village in Finland.

Additionally, the brand recently unveiled an AI-powered video series, breathing life into its deeply ingrained ‘Respect For All’ philosophy. This series delves into the captivating narratives of the brand’s unsung heroes – its employees – who consistently craft enchanting experiences for its members. Reflecting the brand’s dedication to SEWA – Service with empathy, warmth, and attentiveness the series embodies the core values of hospitality. It serves as a tribute to the tireless efforts of the staff, who not only curate unforgettable holidays but also emerge as saviors during moments of need.

Through such initiatives, Club Mahindra showcases the versatility and creativity that technology can bring to marketing strategies. This forward-thinking approach underscores the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences and maintaining a leading edge in the digital realm.

The campaign will be amplified on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles of Club Mahindra.

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