World’s Shortest Man in India makes an appearance at Rambo Circus



Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 75 years, who measures 54.6 cms (21.5 inch) tall from Nepal is  the smallest man in the world as verified by the Guinness World Records.  He made his first appearance in India to catch up with his friend and host Sujit Dilip of Rambo Circus.

Chandra is accompanied by his nephew Dholak Dangi, who along with a few other artists of Rambo Circus are to join the Tupa’l Bruno’s Magic Circus of Samoa on a tour starting from the South Pacific Islands.

Both Rambo Circus and Bruno’s Magic Circus of Samoa are representing members of the International body, ‘Federation Mondiale du Cirque’ and have an ongoing friendship of many years and frequently exchange artists  on a cross cultural program.

Today Chandra weighs all of 12 kg and follows a limited diet of a handful of rice and a piece of chicken which is his favourite.

During his brief visit, he seemed pretty impressed  by the Mumbai International Airport and was  basking in the attention of the crew onboard his flight.

In his earlier days before recognition by the Guinness World Records, he made a living weaving baskets and making ropes , today, he spends most of his time travelling to destinations making appearances at shows and events.  Chandra forms a part of the duo of Shortest and Tallest Man in the World along with Sultan Kosen.



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