Volvo Contactless Program’ – safest way to buy a car and book service



Volvo Cars continues to focus on safety.

Introduces ‘Volvo Contactless Program’ – safest way to buy a car and book service.

  • Initiates customer centric approach of #SafestPlaceToBe
  • Launches Volvo Contactless Program for buying cars and booking service online

Mumbai, 6th May 2020: As leaders in safety and with a commitment to its promise of keeping people safe, Volvo Car India, has kick-started a unique customer centric approach – #SafestPlaceToBe. As part of this initiative, all Volvo dealer facilities are being disinfected and personnel working at the nationwide dealerships are provided with PPEs and sanitizers. Cars at dealerships as well as the demonstration cars are being disinfected in partnership with 3M. Following expert solutions are offered to its customers to keep them safe during the post lock down period:

Ø  3M™ Interior GermKleen which eliminates 99% microbes in a car from interior surfaces including plastics and upholstery.

Ø  3M™  AC Vent Disinfectant provides sustained microbial protection by killing 99.99% Antigens.

Ø  3M™ Air Refresher has deodorizing property that reduces microbial infections by 99%

As a special initiative towards the digitization of operations, Volvo Car India has also introduced ‘Volvo Contactless Program’ for its customers and also for the prospective buyers. The program aims towards providing the safest way to service and to buy Volvo cars in India. This new digital initiative enables Volvo owners to book their car services online with their nearest dealership location and also provides an interactive online buying process to a prospective buyer, a safe and secure test drive process (post relaxation of norms), digitized finance offers, online documentation & finally an online channel to buy

the car and get a contactless delivery.

“Volvo cars is always known for safety technology in our cars and now we have raised the bar in safety by taking measures to disinfect our dealer’s facility and test drive cars. I am confident that the Indian economy will spring back to its pace very soon with the measures taken by authorities. Our Volvo Contactless Program emphasizes the need for businesses to adapt to the current environment with an assurance of safety.” said Charles Frump – Managing Director, Volvo Car India.




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