Velo de Spa in Bandra redefines the concept of massage therapy with new innovations in Swedish Massage



Mumbai 17th November 2017: Velo de Spa one of the upscale spas in Bandra Khar area of Mumbai has innovated and redefined the concept of the ‘Massage Therapy’ by using acupressure techniques taken from the medieval period of India.

The ancient Indian art of healing by the Chakras with ‘Marma-Chikitsa’ or pressure points has been merged with the Swedish massage techniques which were conceptualised in Europe. The result is a massage therapy which gives the best of both techniques resulting in enhanced relaxation, improvement in blood flow by opening up any blockages as well as  energising the 7 Chakras in our body.

The rejuvenation effect exercises and stimulates our brain and brings out our creativity, memory and decision making power at the same time stimulating the muscles in our body.
The music therapy works in tandem alongside the 60 or 90 minutes therapy which plays a key role in relaxation.

The entire combination therapies take place in a temperature controlled environment and at the end of which a special green tea is served which works in the inside organs of the body thus giving a 360 degree therapy working on all fronts to cleanse the mind and relax the body.


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