Vayam Technologies all set to support the government to make ‘Digital India’ a success



New Delhi, 17th October, 2016: After the successful Analytics and Geographical Information System (GIS) supported ‘Health Management Information System (HMIS) of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India (MoHFW), Vayam Technologies is all set to support other government programs which requires effective monitoring and evaluation of the projects aligned with the ‘Digital India’ initiative.

According to the management of the Company, government programs which require real-time monitoring for effective implementation and on-going management can be made more accountable with Business Intelligence – Geographical Information System (BI-GIS) augmentation.

Some of the initiatives taken by the Government of India in the sectors like smart cities, agriculture, education, security and surveillance, water and sanitation management, human resource development and skill development can be benefitted with BI and geospatial technology jointly.

The National Health Mission (NHM), program was initiated by Government of India in order to achieve the targets set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to make delivery system more responsive to the health care needs of the citizens of India.

The mandate, given to Vayam Technologies included computerization of the legacy data base along with the analytical intelligence and reporting service on SAS platform for analytics, alert generation, dashboards and reporting.

In 2012, Vayam Technologies won the project of HMIS augmentation to further enhance the analytical capabilities of HMIS by extending its analytical and reporting capabilities to the State level users, provide GIS capabilities and develop manpower capabilities for using HMIS across the country. The first part of the project became operational in February 2014 and the final phase of the project, GIS augmentation was inaugurated on March 29, 2016.

Monitoring and evaluation are very critical for the success of any program or project, as it helps to analyze the efficiency and impact of any project, program or a policy. GIS augmentation has strengthened both these processes, by providing conative decision support system, whereby different hierarchies of health centre are being compared for performance in a geographical space, as well as performances of different administrative units- sub-districts, districts, states are compared. “This has made the decision-making process more robust and effective. As we move forward, this will further support the government not only in fund allocation and monitoring the expenditure at all levels, but also in the resource deployments in terms of availability of doctors, health workers and nursing staffs and quality of health services,” Mr. Ashok Tiwari, Chairman & Managing Director, Vayam Technologies Ltd.

A multilevel user friendly interface provides a quick access to geospatial and graphical reports based on data captured in the HMIS application at various levels – state level, district level and facility level along with the dashboards and alerts generated through SAS-BI. While at the state level and district level, geospatial reports are represented as choropleth maps, facility level geospatial representations are made in the form of thematic points. Different types of analytics and GIS enabled reports are generated in this system like, data reporting status by different hierarchies of health centers in the country; minimum and maximum range representing which health facility reported the maximum and which reported the minimum of any queried indicator.

“BI-GIS integrated decision support system can be adopted by any government program for its success of its monitoring and evaluation. This will give an overview of the individual performance and pattern of performance and the spatial analysis provided by this tool can give us a reason of non-performance which can be infrastructural, socio-economic, governance etc. Adoption of such a tested process will further bring transparency, resource optimization and sustainable development in the country,” added Mr. Ashok Tiwari, Chairman & Managing Director, Vayam Technologies Ltd.


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