Trident Group expands its towel portfolio with 3 innovative offerings



New Delhi, December 2, 2020: India’s leading player in the home textile category, Trident Group today announced the expansion of its towel portfolio with the launch of three uniquely designed offerings. Placing enhanced focus on wellness, hygiene and performance, the three new product ranges aim to meet evolving consumer preferences. The three variants – FaBoTri-Safe and Play have been innovatively designed to meet specific requirements of customers looking for advanced hygiene solutions as well as high-performance, fitness solutions respectively.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch of the new ranges, Rajneesh Bhatia, CEO, Trident Group said, “We are delighted to introduce our three new solution-oriented offerings – FaBoTri-Safe and Play to fulfill guest’s preferences with enhanced focus on safety and hygiene in the future. Being the first to introduce mandatory antibacterial treatment for all towels, we ensure utmost hygiene solutions with our new ranges. Innovative offerings that cater to unique needs of discerning customers have been the hallmark of Trident Group. We are steadfast in our vision to provide innovative and exclusive hygiene solutions to our customers and today’s launch is a crucial step towards our journey.”

Using the same towel for both body and face could allow pathogens present on the body to transfer onto one’s face. Keeping the same in mind, Trident’s FaBo range is specially engineered to treat the body skin and the facial skin differently. FaBo has specific demarcations (F for Face and B for Body) so that you know which part of the towel is to be used on your face and which on your body. The towel is specially treated with an aloe vera finish to nourish and rejuvenate your face and gives you a refreshing experience. To ensure your body hygiene is in place, FaBo is treated with an advanced antibacterial finish that inhibits growth of odour causing bacteria thus ensuring uninterrupted freshness with every use.

Trident’s antibacterial solution – Tri-Safe, is a revolutionary offering that has been engineered with a special antibacterial topical treatment. The product is an OEKO-TEX certified skin friendly product, an independent certification system which ensures that textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. Tri-Safe Essentials quickly draws water from the skin/other surfaces and moves it into a larger surface area. This affordable quick dry towel is crafted from super-soft cotton mix that is highly absorbent.

Trident’s Play range could be a perfect gym and sports partner for the fitness enthusiasts. The vibrant and trendy towels from this range are made from 100% organically sourced cotton that is grown using minimal water and chemicals. Designed to be compact yet functional, its superior absorbency keeps you dry. The sustainable and super absorbent towels in the Play range are affordable and also come with a reusable gym bag.


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