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The Masterminds of dirty game plans to destroy Riyaz’s family are Baba Shaikh, Zaid Shaikh and Shakil Birajdar



Mumbai, 11th December 2019: The Masterminds of dirty game plans are Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) Jija Jee, Parvin Hamid Shaikh (Sister ) and Zaid Shaikh  (Bhanja) of Mr. Riyaz Birajdar they all have misguided Shakil Birajdar and due to them Riyaz Birajdar’s life and family got spoiled and facing financial crises. Mr. Riyaz Birajdar was thinking that Baba Shaikh ( Solapur), Parvin Shaikh, and his family are supporting Riyaz but actually they were cheating Riyaz and supporting Mr. Shakil Birajdar.  On 9th December 2019, Mr. Riyaz Birajdar went to Solapur to request Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) to resolve the issue but there Mr. Riyaz Birajdar got to know the whole story that Zaid Shaikh have planted to destroy Mr. Riyaz Birajdar with the help of Shakil Birajdar . At the time of conversation to resolve the issue, Zaid was Recording all the conversation and want to trap Mr. Riyaz Birajdar but Riyaz was now aware of Zaid’s all game plan. Zaid Shaikh started creating wrong pictures in the mind of  Riyaz’s family with help of Shakil Birajdar and Riyaz’s daughter , Because of  her greediness, Zaid Shaikh succeeds to destroy the Riyaz’s Family as per his fathers wish  Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur).

Riyaz Zeenat

On 7th December Baba Shaikh (Solapur) had taken Riyaz’s wife (Zeenaat Birajdar) to Akluj police station along with Shakil Birajdar and his wife Parvin for the police statement in Dowry and harassment matter. This case is filed by Dr. Swaleha Shakil Birajdar (Shakil’s Wife). According to Riyaz, Shakil Birajdar along with the help of Baba Shaikh has taken Rs 20 lakh from Swaleha’s Family in the name of purchasing flat and what they have done with this money he doesn’t know. Mr.Shakil Birajdar’s Monthly Salary is around 2 lakhs twenty thousand rupees and Mr.Shakil Birajdar’s is getting in hand around Rs 164000. Mr.Shakil Birajdar’s is not informed and not taken permission from Riyaz Birajdar that he is taking Zeenat to Akluj. Baba Shaikh (Solapur)told Zeenat to settled in Solapur with his children and Baba Shaikh (Solapur) will take care of all his expenses and make the arrangement to stay in Solapur, Why he is doing so that is questionable.   On 7th December 2019  Mr. Riyaz Birajdar meets with Dr. Swaleha Shakil Birajdar (Shakil Birajdar’s Wife) and her 6 years old beautiful daughter they both loved Shakil Birajder more than their life and they want Shakil Birajdar to come back in there life.  Dr. Swaleha told  Mr. Riyaz Birajdar that if Shakil Birajdar will give divorce to her then she has to finish her life with her daughter and the reason to take such a strong decision is   Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh) family.
Shakil Birajdar Pics

Mr. Riyaz Birajdar requests them to save his family and his brother Mr. Shakil Birajdar’s family and save their lives.  This would happen only when they will not support Shakil Birajdar for his wrong intension then this episode will The End and Riyaz Birajdar can leave happy with his family and they can leave happy with their family.

Baba ParvinMr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) son of Ramzan Sab Shaikh has a huge amount of black money and have lavish Bungalow by the name “Sabri Villa” (Bungalow no 572 & 573 ) in Aditiya Nagar near New R.T.O, Bijapur Road, Solapur – 413004, another Bungalow in Anand Nagar near Bukhari Masjid  Behind IT College and multiple Flats and Cars, Baba Shaikh also has Farm House, Poultry Farm, Farming land,Itt Bhatti (Bricks factory) huge land in Soregaon, Bikes Tempo, Truck, Baba Shaikh is a renowned Bricks Manufacturer in Solapur and Land Developer by profession. Baba Shaikh Solapur has invested all his black money with the help of Mr. Shakil Birajdar (Professional Accountant). Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) suffers from heart problems and diabetic patients. Baba Shaikh Solapur loves his family a lot his family consists of Parvin Shaikh (Wife) Zaid Shaikh (Son) Saniya Shaikh (Daughter) Baba Shaikh Solapur is giving all of them a royal life. Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) has sent his son Zaid Shaikh to Ukraine for his last year’s engineering field trip and spent a huge amount of money on his education. Now  Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) is planning to send his son Zaid Shaikh to the U.S for M.S degree. Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) loves his family madely and thinks that if something happens wrong with him  Mr. Shakil Birajdar will take care of his family and Mr. Shakil Birajdar is also helping Baba Shaikh Solapur to manage his black money. Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh) has lots of misconceptions because of this entire family and relatives are facing lots of problems. The solution is very simple Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) his head of the family and he can do batwara   (property bounty) of their properties and divide equally in them and both the family can leave happily. Mr. Riyaz Birajdar Request his Bhaijan Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) to save the families otherwise the life of Riyaz ‘s three daughters Suhana,(13 years old) Samaira (11 years old ) and Safa (6 years old )and Shakil Birajdar’s daughter Sameen (6 years old ) will spoil and “Allah” will never forgive Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh Solapur) and his family.