Technological advancements help provide better medical facilities to patients!!!



Medical conference was conducted to showcase the latest innovations in healthcare that will provide faster treatment or solutions to patients and prove beneficial to doctors.

Mumbai October 16, 2016: In India, there is an inordinate delay in granting patent, as this may range from 5 to 10 years; in most cases the idea becomes obsolete. Although the government has started indulging in many schemes and provisions, patients are yet to reap benefits from it and hence many physicians themselves have indulged in creating innovative therapies or treatments that can be made available to patients at a very economical cost. A medical conference revealing these innovations for the benefit of the patients was held today in Mumbai.

These out of the box ideas by the physicians will ensure that the expenses of all the treatments do not put a load on the patient’s pocket and some innovations help generate a positive relation between the patient and the hospital. “We launched the VYTAL App this April, which helps the doctors and hospitals to keep a tab on the health of the patient even after he moves out of the hospital premises. It works as a health manager for the entire family and helps the hospital to stay connected with the patient and it’s privacy setting ensures that confidentiality of all the reports and medication is maintained. The app also works as an emergency card that provides details such as allergic reactions , blood group and hereditary medical issues that comes handy if a patient is staying or travelling alone and in need of medical care,” said Dr Gauri Gore, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecologist.

With increasing awareness on critical illnesses people these days get diagnosed at the right time but it gets difficult to provide the right kind of funds as most patients either refrain from continuing with the medication or succumb to the disease. To ensure such instances do not recur, Dr Vishal Rao, innovated a medical device that is available at a nominal price. “Voice prosthesis is a device created for throat cancer patients, it is portable, disposable and can be easily changed, despite which we have priced it at Rs 50 per prosthesis. This is far more economical than other similar prosthesis in the market and hence we call it the one dollar speaking device,” said Dr Vishal Rao.

Some of the innovations were focused on helping the doctors for better diagnosis as well, “We have come up with the TNM app that helps standardize the way diagnosis for different types of cancer and its stages is done in the country. This app has a 20 second Questionnaire which needs to be filled with just a yes or no and immediate diagnosis of the node of cancer and its stage is revealed.  This becomes helpful for junior doctors, radiologists and General Practitioners who are not specialists in Oncology. This app will help provide immediate information to the patients and their family,” said Dr Palak Popat,

Similarly, Dr Prashant Jha has created a Feto Maternal Device that can assess fetal distress that can be helpful for patients as well as doctors. Dr Jha has innovated few other such devices as well modeled on various gastric ailments. These Doctors are also the key speakers and innovators at the medical conference that will focus on revealing these innovations and motivating other doctors to come up with similar ideas that will churn out to be fruitful for many. The conference includes an Intellectual Property Rights specialist who will discuss with the doctors on how to protect their intellectual properties.


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