Robbie Amell flaunts his hot bod in The DUFF- hits the tracks to shape up for his next



The high school comedy The Duff I all set to hit theatres all across the country. It is story of high school teenager Binaca (Mae Whitman) who comes to realise that she is branded as the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of her group and embarks on self discovery to unbrand herself. The male protagonist of the film is Wesly Rush played by Robbie Amell. Robbie’s character is a popular jock, who is the star of school football team and coaches Bianca to come out of The DUFF tag.

In order to portray the role convincingly the actor needed to shape up. Robbie who has been an actor since he was child has always maintained himself and hits the gym on a regular basis. When the actor gave a look test, the director needed him to work further on is physique. As ripped as Robbie looked the director felt that he was a little beefed up to portray an athlete.

The star continued with his regular workout but in order to give him a more athletic lean look a special coach was called in who trains athletes for track and field events. Robbie’s work out started every day with 5 rounds of and Olympic sized track. As the movie was shot in a High School, Robbie and the crew also played some American football time and again between shots.

Talking about this preparations for the role Robbie said, “ I hit the gym. On a serious note we really got a lot of free hand from our Director, Ari to do improve. We gave a lot of takes trying different stuffs. We had a lot of fun you know part of making a movie is you spend you know 12 to 15 hours a day with the people you’re shooting with.  So you just have to hope for the best and that they’re good people.  And we got really lucky, we got an incredible cast, and we just got, it was like, almost like summer camp.  We shot in Atlanta, at this campus so I got a lot of opportunity to run on the tracks and I worked out a lot for this film to shape up like an athlete.

In a span of 3 weeks the star had archived the ideal muscle fat ratio with a mid section to die for. The star will be seen flaunting his rock hard abs and chiselled bod quite a few times during the film.

The Duff is a light take on the socially prevalent problem of bullying. The movie will release as a treat to college goers on 12thJune, 2015 just as colleges reopen.


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