Ride Cool this Summer with Wrangler’s SunShield Apparel Tees – now available in exciting new colors



Wrangler, the original outdoor denim brand, now launches its latest range of innovative apparel called Sun Shield in exciting new colors. The Sun Shield range of shirts, tees, jeans and non-denims from Wrangler is treated with a special finishing technology that reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV rays.
Dark colored garments tend to absorb heat in the sun. However, Wrangler’s Sun Shield apparel reduces the absorption of heat, especially dark colors, resulting in reduced surface temperature and better heat management. This technology also provides the skin with protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The sun-reflection technology makes dark colors literally cooler and comfortable even under the harsh sun. Available in a new range of colors like black, blue, grey and olive, the Sun Shield range of denims, shirts, and T-shirts is sure to make you look and feel cool while you ride in the sun.
Cruise to your nearest Wrangler store to check out Wrangler’s Sun Shield apparel and gear up to face the summer this season with Wrangler’s stylish and innovative collection.
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The price starts from Rs. 1,395 onwards.


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