Purple Squirrel ‘Eduventures’ gives a new spin to Education



Worries of finding the right career path just went out the window with Purple Squirrel Eduventures, a Mumbai based startup, making it’s way in the market to reach out to  students.  PSQ provides an industry-based, experiential learning program for students enabling them to make informed career choices without being influenced by peers or family. They create programs for colleges, wherein students are allowed to visit and interact with both entrepreneurial and big-player companies representing their spread of career diversity. These visits are specifically tailored keeping in mind student profiles and industry expectations. The company which was incorporated on Sep 24, 2013, has been incubated by SINE, IIT Bombay has already delivered 5000+ unique experiences in experiential learning, associating with 350+ campuses and corporates, across 12+ destinations within 1 year of its operations.

The young founders  of the company Aditya Gandhi(25) and SahibaDhandhania (22)come from prestigious academic backgrounds and have prior work experience in the Finance sector. Aditya has a degree in B.Tech + M.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering, from IIT Bombay and Sahiba is a Gold Medalist and an Econ. (Hons.) Student from Christ University, Bangalore.

“Our entire ethos – from naming ourselves to creating our products, has stemmed from attempting to bridge this gaping divide between student understanding of industries and the reality of a professional environment in itself”, says Aditya Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO, Purple Squirrel Eduventures.

“We noticed a crucial need to bring about this paradigm shift. The industry has been kind to us. From robust seed funding via the prestigious India Quotient, support from the legacy IIT incubation centre of SINE to willing students and open-armed corporates, we’re very proud of the ecosystem we’re associated with”, says Sahiba Dhandania, Cofounder and Head of Sales.

The startup currently has programs for Engineering operational in 7 cities, programmes for Media and others in 3 cities as of now and they are working primarily with colleges in Mumbai, with plans to expand to other education hubs in the coming months. With fully functional teams for Corporate Relations, Operations, Sales, Technology and Marketing Communications, they’re a self-sufficient little start-up with the appetite of a giant.

Their main goal with their campus to corporate initiative is to ensure colleges enrich their students with experiential learning, work culture immersion and help students gain a better picture of a potential career path!


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