Pandharpur Wari becomes an ideal occasion to reiterate pain-relieving capabilities of Iodex



“Gyanba Tukaram” and “Mauli Mauli” are perhaps the most uttered words in Maharashtra during the “Wari” period. The famous 250 kilometers walk that crosses the length and breadth of Maharashtra isn’t just a religious procession, but a huge social event. It shows the great respect and intense belief in “Vitthal”, the most beloved deity in the state. People don’t leave any opportunity of being part of this highly praised event.
The 21 days procession of Pandharpur Wari becomes one of the best ways of establishing brands and products. Marketing brains come out with innovative and interesting ways of establishing products and services without hampering the religious and cultural setup of the prestigious event. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, one of the leading healthcare companies, brought a highly creative idea of “Iodex Massage Van” last year. The concept was greatly appreciated by everyone because of its utility and direct mapping with the event.
The overwhelming success of the campaign last year was so encouraging that the team wants to acquire further heights of success this year. The biggest cultural and religious event in Maharashtra will be used as the platform for customer activation in a contextual manner.
Since the pilgrims cover approximately 250 kilometers distance in 21 days, it is a tough task indeed. Since Iodex is already an established brand for quick relief from all kinds of pains, the catch line is just perfect in the context of Pandharpur Wari.
“Badan Dard ka Expert, Sirf Iodex” is the punch line which means “Iodex is the best remedy for every kind of body ache”. When people walk almost 12 to 15 kilometers every day, it is very obvious that the majority of them face back pain, pain in the calf muscles or headache.
The campaign offers 12 branded vans that accompany the Pandharpur Wari from the first day to the day procession gets over. The well-equipped and well-branded vans offer instant relief from pain and discomfort to the pilgrims. The procession that claims attendance of more than two million devotees every year is the biggest and brightest opportunity to showcase Iodex, the best pain reliever brand in India.
Other than vans, massage tents offer free massage to the pilgrims. These well-branded tents serve pilgrims during the breaks or night to rejuvenate and make them ready for the next day.
Pandharpur Wari is an event of international stature where brand establishment brings an incredible identity.


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