Nuovo Introduces Smart Mirror To Revolutionize Your Life




New Delhi, July 14  2017: It’s time to turn your regular mirror into a smart mirror which reflects more than just a face. Nuovo is revolutionizing the way you live; with an introduction of their touch Screen ‘Smart Mirror’. Nuovo has developed an innovative touch screen smart mirror that can do anything and everything with Wi-Fi connectivity and android phone for app download.

It can keep you updated with notifications from social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can get the latest news from the leading publications, can also access YouTube videos, and even book cab through Uber. In addition to this, this smart mirror will always keep you on top of your daily schedule with the help of Google Calendar, can keep you updated with the latest decor trends and lets you access the emails. A user can control which app to be displayed on the mirror for easy access by controlling them through the mirror as well as mobile application.

Not-to-mention, this ‘Smart mirror’ can be used by users through account creation, logins etc. It needs to get installed in the place of choice with a dedicated UPS connected, a wifi connection and (one-time creation) in a ‘Smart Mirror App’. Once the app is downloaded, register yourself by signing up and syncing all the apps by allowing them to access the information.

Mr.Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder & CEO, Nuovo says “We have successfully made a prototype of smart touch screen mirror which is integrated with the artificial intelligence technology for a better user experience. Smart Mirror cannot only save the time of homeowners but will also reduce dependencies on multiple products which now can be operated through a single device which is a mirror. It comes with a choice of frame viz wooden, metal and decorative’’.

Applications integrated are:

  1. Facebook: To see what your friends are up to
  2. Twitter: To check what the world is tweeting about
  3. Gmail: To never miss an important mail
  4. Clock, Stopwatch, Alarm: To know time or set alarm
  5. News: To keep a track of what’s happening in the world
  6. YouTube: To watch your favorite videos
  7. Maps: To Navigate through the bustling city life
  8. Uber: To book your cab on the go
  9. To stay updated with the latest decor trends through HelpMeBuild
  10. Calendar updates: To sojourn on schedule


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