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Nitin Khanna and Seasia Infotech Initiating Center of Excellence to Give a Big Push to Tech Startups



Solapur-A-300x225mumbaiAugust 8th, 2017Nitin Khanna, being a serial tech entrepreneur with several years of experience today announced his partnership with Mr. R. P. Singh,the CEO of Seasia Infotech to set up a Center of Excellence (CoE) for helping tech startups in India.

Under this initiative, they will jointly work on creating the CoE cores which will allow technology startup companies to use the co-working space of Seasia Infotech to work, learn and collaborate at no extra cost. CoE will offer these start ups with all support and services right from providing IOT and networking infrastructure to beta testing and customer access. In addition to this they also plan on providing financial support to these startups. Nitin Khanna recently invested US $5 million in a software startup iSoS Inc. The CoE collaboration shows his keen interest in supporting tech startups in India. However, it is the first time that Seasia Infotech is contributing to such an initiative.

Commenting on the development, Nitin Khanna said, “By helping startups, we hope to encourage more innovation in India’s technology marketplace while giving back to emerging technology companies. We are setting up a CoE for startups at Seasia Infotech. We will foster entrepreneurship, mentor entrepreneurs, incubate startups and provide all the assistance, support and training that they need to become successful entrepreneurs. The help needed for entrepreneurs is often in terms of guidance and in support services so that they can focus on their core offering

IT related technologies will be the game changer for the industry and the economy in the next decade. We think that India is great in technical skills and just need direction to scale it up. Center of Excellence will offer a unique platform to tech startups, where they can come to work on their ideas and take it to completion. Our motive is to make available the right equipment, environment, coaching and funds at their disposal, so that they can succeed in their endeavors.” said R.P. Singh, CEO at Seasia Infotech.