“Neucorp launched its latest sports nutritional supplement-PROCEL”





Neucorp, one of the pioneer brand in the sports nutrition category has recently launched PROCEL , a sports nutritional supplement on Sahara Star yesterday i.e 12th October 2017.

Designed in a clinically approven, PROCEL utilizes the superior FERMENTATION TECHNOLOGY which is much costlier and produces a superior biomolecule as it contains the best and most bio-available amino acids in the industry. It is a good source of protein, amino acids that help in the synthesis, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue. It is also best to prevent from breakdown and fatigue that helps in speed recovery by promoting anabolism that would make it be the ideal choice for the consumers.

According to Mr. Samit Gupta, owner of Neucorp– Nutritional supplements are the best way to deliver nutrition that diet can’t often help to improve health and performance. By our PROCEL, sports nutritional supplement our aspiration is to provide products who’s quality is not only unquestionable but who’s performance measures up to YOUR performance.


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