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Mr. Shakil Birajdar have made his elder brother’s life miserable.



Shakil Birajdar fraud

Shakil BirajdarMumbai, 3rd December 2019: Mr.Riyaz Ibrahim Birajdar, who is a news reporter by profession from the past 20 years and also works as a professional photographer.Whereas his younger brother employee of S.S.C Shakil Ahmed Ibrahim Birajdar who is facing the advocate notices of dowry & harassment from his wife Dr. S.S Birajdar. Both the brothers are residing at the Flat No. 202, Bellacasa Building, MalwaniMhada, Malad (W) Mumbai – 95 along with their father Ibrahim Mehtab Birajdar from past eight years.

Earlier, both the brothers along with the parents at their old house in chawl at R. No. 478, Plot No. 20, Gate No. 5, Malwani, Malad West, Mumbai – 400 095 (Old House). Mr.Riyaz Birajdar belongs to a middle-class family and had struggled a lot since his childhood for his entire family needs. Their father’s income was very less and unable to met minimum household expenses. From childhood, Mr.RiyazBirajdar from his family was working hard for family expenses, for education & other life’s necessities of his younger brother.Riyaz

In the year 2011, he had purchased a flat in Bellacasa with Mr.Shakil Ahmed Birajdar. The family of Mr.Riyaz Birajdar comprises his wife and three daughters and family of younger brother Mr.Shakil Birajdar comprises his wife and one daughter and their parents. Their mother Mrs.Hajjan Zubeda expired on 29th January 2019.

The Said Flat at Bellacasa was purchase by both the brother from hard earn money on the co-ownership basis for the Cost of Rs. 33 Lacs. As per the wish of their mother wanted both brothers should stay under one roof happily. To buy said Flat, they have taken a housing loan from “Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.” by submitting all required earning documents of Journalist Mr.Riyaz Birajdar. After the handover of building property from Builder to Society, since the inception of society Mr.Riyaz Birajdar was elected as Chairman of Society (MalwaniMahavir Co-op Housing Society known as “Bellacasa”) for his good nature, leadership quality and always helping/supporting nature for all society members, till date.


After the sad demise of their mother, Mr.Shakil Birajdar started showing his true bad colors, various instances which are as follows:

1) Mr.Shakil Birajdar uses to regularly beat his wife at home without any reason and asks to bring money (dowry) from her parent’s house and mentally torched her. Then his wife left the home and send a legal notice & police complain against Mr.ShakilBirajdar for his harassment and dowry case. And he is also planning to give divorce to his wife& leaving his 6 years old daughter

Shakil Birajdar

Shakil Birajdar

2) Mr.ShakilBirajdar started harassing Journalist Mr.Riyaz Birajdar and threating to leave this Bellacasa Flat. Also, he is saying to Mr.Riyaz Birajdar to give a divorce to his wife Mrs.Zeenat Riyaz Birajdar. Also, he is threating not to give a share in their Old Malawani House.

3) Mr.Shakil Birajdar created a rift between with Mr.Riyaz’s wife & his children and created more differences in Mr.Riyaz’s family. Mr. Shakil Birajdar and their father Ibrahim Birajdar wants to live with Mr. Riyaz Birajdar’s wife and his three daughters and does not want Journalist Mr. Riyaz Birajdar to stay at Bellacasa Flat. The meaning of this said wish does not logically acceptable to Mr, Riyaz Birajdar or anyone. Mr. Shakil Birajdar unnecessary spending lots of money and time / with Mr. Riyaz’s wife and his children to gain confidence and take full control over them and win their trust, which also ill- logical. Whereas, he should spend all his salary & time on his self- wife, and daughter, which he is not doing. This entire drama is happening with the support of Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh).

4) Mr.Shakil Birajdar has also not told to his wife that he is working with S.S.C
and she still thinks that he is working with Globeop Financial company which she has mentioned in her legal notice and also she is not aware of her husband’s salary amount. He joined S.S.C as a manager at that time he is getting Rs 1 lac Forty-Five Thousand (145000) approximately packages per month. Now in 2019, he is getting Rs 1 lac sixty-two thousand (162000 )approximately per month. After getting such a good salary Shakil Birajdar was not ready to give Rs 3000 per month to his wife and daughter for there personal expenses. At the time of Riyaz Birajder business crises, Shakil Birajdar has not supported Mr. Riyaz Birajdar to pay his daughters monthly school fees also that Riyaz has to borrow money from her Sister, Inlaws and his Mama Mami Salim Almelkar and Nagersevika Salma Almelkar.

Salary Details

5) Mr.Shakil Birajdar has also lied about his true age at the time of his Nikah Ceremony and the wrong age is mentioned in Nikah Nama.

6) Mr.Riyaz Birajdar is under threat given by the Mr.Shakil Birajdar and he is in very tense nowadays and files a complaint with us to gain relief. Also, Mr.RiyazBirajdar has filed a necessary complaint at local Police station at Malwani about the said incidence.


Since Riyaz’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on 13th April 2018, he took care of his mother all by himself and as his mother wanted to take only ayurvedic and natural treatment because she was afraid of surgery and chemotherapy. Hajjan Zubeda was having mediclaim policy with MEDI ASSIST INSURANCE PRIVATE LIMITED and her all treatment expenses can be taken care by this policy but Journalist Riyaz went from one remote place to another and in wall to wall search to get his mother cured and even without bothering about his losses in business due to unavailability of Mr.Riyaz which affected his business a lot still he tried every way to save their mother but on 29th January 2019 their mother left for heavenly abode and thus after of Mr.Shakil Birajdar nature towards Riyaz has taken a turn where he wants to acquire all the property of Journalist Riyaz and Mr.Shakil Birajdar have gone all ways down to pull Mr.Riyaz Birajdar name off and he is not even afraid to defame his brother even in front of his own family.

Mr.Riyaz Birajdar felt very bad that after the demise of their mother the Mr.ShakilBirajdar defamed him and took all the credit of the work done by the Mr.Riyaz for their mother.

Shakil Birajdar fraud

Shakil Birajdar Cheater

Mr.Shakil Birajdar told to Mr.Riyaz Birajdar that he will divorce his wife and Journalist Mr.RiyazBirajdar strongly objected the Mr.Shakil Birajdar take such step and Mr.RiyazBirajdar clearly stated to the Mr.ShakilBirajdar that he will not support this act and if required he will support Mr.ShakilBirajdar, wife, and child. After this, the Mr.Shakil Birajdar fought with Mr.Riyaz Birajdar and called him “hijada”, Mr.RiyazBirajdarwas aghast as he insulted him in front of his family, whereas Mr.Shakil Birajdar just after his marriage of few days was not able to consummate the marriage and all the treatment was provided to Mr.ShakilBirajdar by Mr.RiyazBirajdar help and then he was able to consummate his marriage after the treatment.


Mr.RiyazBirajdar states that due to sudden changes in his life and pressure and insults by Mr.ShakilBirajdar started being in depression.

Journalist Mr.RiyazBirajdar submits that Mr.ShakilBirajdar even took Mr. IbrahimBirajdar (Father) in his confidence and created a rift between the IbrahimBirajdar and Mr.RiyazBirajdar and created more differences in family and the ShakilBirajdar manipulated his father thoughts. Mr.RiyazBirajdar submits that he is more scared of ShakilBirajdar he threatened him that he will rip apart his family and will manipulate them and which Mr.RiyazBirajdar was able to see happening as his family was gradually getting away from him and he was isolated.

Mr.RiyazBirajdar submits that on 7th November 2019, the ShakilBirajdar on the instigation of ShakilBirajdar asked Mr.RiyazBirajdar to leave the house or else he will make sure that Mr.RiyazBirajdar faces dire consequences. The ShakilBirajdar each and every day are threatening and pressurizing Mr.RiyazBirajdar to leave the house and stay somewhere else or else he will have to bear dire consequences.

Mr.RiyazBirajdaris at present not financially strong and whereasMr.ShakilBirajdaris taking advantage of that and is speaking false and ill about him and also defaming him with all misleading and inappropriate information before all the relatives and thus by creating wrong pictures about him have also got the support of few relatives. Mr.RiyazBirajdaris under pressure as Mr.ShakilBirajdar has twisted and manipulated the whole situation and families and things and relations are tangled.

Baba Shaikh

The entire episode has happened due to the support of Riyaz ‘s Jija jee Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh) and Riyaz’s  Sister Parvin Hamid Shaikh and his Bhanja Zaid Shaikh they all have misguided Shakil Birajdar and due to them Riyaz’s life and family got spoiled. Riyaz’s request them to save his family and his life this would happen only when they will not support Shakil Birajdar’s wrong intension then this episode will The End and Riyaz can leave happy with my family and they can leave happy with their family.

Mr.Riyaz Birajdar submits that he has sent notice to the Employee of S.S.C Shakil Birajdar through his advocate and also made a complaint to the Inspector of Police, Malad – West vide letter dated 9th November 2019 through Advocate M. R. Shetty. On 14th November 2019,

After knowing the story Mr.Riyaz Birajdar Mumbai Development Foundation (M.D.F) one of the renowned N.G.O had written a letter to S.S.C Mr.ShakilBirajdar can cheat his wife, his brother and family then he can also cheat your company as well.
and said We are going to take this matter to Media and Court and we don’t want that your company name shall appear in Media or Court and spoil the reputation of your company. Hence we are intimating you to take immediate action on Mr.ShakilBirajdar and disassociate your self from him.