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Mr. Shafi Shaikh and  Feroz Shaikh, threaten Mr. Riyaz Birajdar to give divorce to Zeenat Birajdar otherwise with the help of Gundas ” Tera kaam tamam kardengey.



Jalal shafiMumbai, 16th December 2019:To support the Masterminds of dirty game plans of Mr.Baba Shaikh, Zaid Shaikh, and Shakil Birajdar Riyaz Birajdar’s Father in law Shafi Shaikh along with Zeenat Riyaz Birajdar and Jalal Shafi Shaikh went to Police Station to lodge a false complaint against Riyaz Birajdar said Suhana Riyaz Birajder (Daughter of Riyaz) who is also supporter of Shakil Birajder and threatened his father Riyaz Birajdar. After hearing such kind of words from daughter Suhana, Riyaz got shocked and went back home. On 16th December 2019 Journalist, Riyaz went to his inlaws’ house to request them to send his family back to his home but there he comes to know about the whole dirty game planned by Mr.Baba Shaikh, Zaid Shaikh, and Shakil Birajdar according to them Riyaz’s in-laws are trying to trap Journalist Riyaz in any condition.
Mr. Shafi Shaikh is retired labor of Mumbai Port Trust and for the last 6 to 7 years he has not to work sincerely during his tenure. Mr. Shafi Shaikh uses to go to work regularly only to sign the attendance registered after signing the register many times he comes back to his home and gives bribes to other staff so that no one can complain about him and he uses to does other work simultaneously. As per the reliable sources Riyaz Birajdar comes to know that Mr. Shafi Shaikh is from Bangladesh and his neighbor used to call him Bengali and Don Dawood Bhai of the area. Earlier Mr. Shafi Shaikh uses to stay in Jogeshwari (East) near Peoples Welfare School. Mr. Shafi Shaikh has three children Zeenat, Feroz, and Firdous Banu all of them are married.Mr. Shafi Shaikh’s elder brother and sister are also not happy with Mr. Shafi Shaikh according to them Shafi Shaikh has cheated them and taken all the property of their father under his control and not given a single penny to them. His elder brother has given so many sacrifices to support Mr. Shafi Shaikh. Actually, after the retirement of the there father from Mumbai Port Trust, his elder brother should get the service in Mumbai Port Trust but Mr. Shafi Shaikh cheated him and in the wrong manner, he has joined the Mumbai Port Trust service.

Riyaz Zeenat

The whole story begins when Riyaz Birajdar said that he wants to leave separate with his wife Zeenat Birajdar and his daughters. Zeenat said that he will never stay separately he wants to leave with a joint family but Riyaz said that Dr. Swaleha (Shakil Birajdar’s wife)  don’t want to leave together she wants to leave separately because you are not allowing her to take care of his husband Mr. Shakil Birajdar because of Zeenat their relationship is spoiling. Zeenat wants to leave in the joint family because Shakil Birajdar monthly income is around two lakhs of rupees because of Zeenat greediness she doesn’t want to leave separate.

Baba Zaid Shaikh
Mr. Shakil Birajdar and their father Ibrahim Birajdar wants to live with Mr. Riyaz Birajdar’s wife and his three daughters and does not want Journalist Mr. Riyaz Birajdar to stay at Bellacasa Flat. The meaning of this said wish does not logically acceptable to Mr, Riyaz Birajdar or anyone. Mr. Shakil Birajdar unnecessary spending lots of money and time / with Mr. Riyaz’s wife and his children to gain confidence and take full control over them and win their trust, which also ill- logical. Whereas, he should spend all his salary & time on his self- wife, and daughter, which he is not doing. This entire drama is happening with the support of Mr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh).

In this whole drama now Feroz Shaikh (Zeenat Brother) is also supporting admin-ajaxMr. Abdul Hamid Shaikh (Baba Shaikh) and Shakill Birajdar. Mr. Shafi Shaikh and  Feroz Shaikh, has threatened Mr. Riyaz Birajdar to give divorce to Zeenat Birajdar otherwise with the help of Gundas ” Tera kaam tamam kardengey. Mr. Feroz Shaikh is a man who left the house very next day to his marriage along with her wife and never supported his father, mother and sisters now Feroz say that he will take care of his sister Zeenat and his three daughters, Riyaz shock to know why he is doing so.  Mr. Riyaz Birajdar is very much worried and looking for justice. Mr. Riyaz Birajdar has also made police compliant in D.N Nagar police station.  Now Mr. Riyaz Birajdar is planning to complain against Mr. Shafi Shaikh to Mumbai Port Trust Management and want to request that to put an inquiry on Mr. Shafi Shaikh and kindly now the true facts until then please stop his retirement pension and other benefits.

Mr. Riyaz Birajdar also appeals to Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Jee and Honorable Home Minister of India, Shri Ameet Shahjee to put an inquiry on Mr. Shafi Shaikh and if he find gusspatti from Bangladesh then kindly send his entire family back to Bangladesh.