Modi Government failed to keep its promise of bringing black money home: Lalu Prasad Yadav



Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav today took a swipe at the Narendra Modi Government for its “inability to bring black money home as promised.”

“Mr. Modi failed to keep his electoral promise. Where are those Rs. 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account he assured if made the Prime Minister of the country?” asked Yadav at the day-long Manthan Aaj Tak, organised in the run up to one year of NDA Government at the centre.

Yadav also asked, “Where are those jobs he promised to the youth? The BJP took away people’s votes with these promises…hawabaaji karke vote le gaye…it is like when a poor mother doesn’t have milk to offer her child, she shows him the moon, puts her thumb into the child’s mouth and sings Chanda mama ayega.”

In response to a query at the event’s session, Kitne Aache Din?, Yadav  stated, “People keep comparing Modi Government with UPA II, but I say, keep watching, there will be scams. Modi is talking about Make in India, batao what is Make in India? Industrialists are taking their money out of the country, they are saying bye-bye India.”

He also commented on Modi’s “interest in dressing up” saying, “he has become an NRI but he doesn’t wear a tie.”

“Dhoti”, he said, “is the identity of Indian man, Atal Vihari Vajpayee wore it wherever he went abroad. Why is Modi-ji not wearing it?”

In his colourful language, Yadav added more points to his list of “failures” of the NDA Government, “Rs. 18000 crore allocations have been cut from different key sectors like primary education.  Service tax has been increased. Inflation has gone up too. All development work has come to a standstill. Nitin Gadkari might say his Government is making 15 kms of roads everyday but I think mitti dho raha hoga…where is Acche Din?”

“The only thing Modi has done is keeping an eye on all his ministers and giving the bureaucrats and RSS men more powers”, he claimed. Without naming names, Yadav added, “Anyway, it is a Trimurti government.”

Yadav though ducked a question on whether RJD will have any truck with Nitish Kumar’s party in the next Bihar assembly elections. “You have called me to talk about one year of Modi government, lets not divert from it,” he said.


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