Jallosata lasted Carry On Maratha cinema music launch ceremony



Storm entertainment, like the audience, and stroked eksanasina taking premakahanita interlaced posh trisutri ‘has moved to the occasion Carry On maratha. I do not know, but it will end when simaprasna in Maharashtra Karnataka on Earth will see two premiyugulancam phulanaram you love films. Maharashtra soil rajabinda young martand and najukasajukasi sonasali safflower and premaviram relationship between phulanaram is the core of the household drama film. Actor and actress kashmira gasmira banking Kulkarni this Fresh couple in front of the audience’s own first. It is also the father of melodious while a big hero or hendasama Marathi film industry. The noble, handsome actor is Ravindra banking. “Nanda Arts” and “Warrior Brothers Motion Pictures” created “Carry On Maratha ‘movie directed by Sanjay n has. Recently launched music fell across pomp ceremony in a hotel in Andheri Whitney this project.    Mrs. Nanda Arts maker. Nanda chandrabhan Thakur and Warrior Brothers is also the first cinema production with yayanca kshirsagar Shashikala of Motion Pictures. The Nanda Nanda Thakur Thakur and Arts chandrabhan natyacam kahisam reflection film martand and see the film’s audience safflower lavhastorita.   Shell Hada famous Bollywood music director and pritesa Mehta has given music for the first time this jodagoline Carry On Marathi cinema. Guru Thakur, Ashwini Shende, Mangesh kangane, heart Shiva has written songs for the movie. Shreya Ghoshal, ideal Shinde, Vaishali bhaisane-Madame, Shell Hada, Urmila’s quite beautiful cinema is up and sung by voice. Wait a moment and heard the contract to take warm ‘Malhari martand Malhar’ and ‘jagalaganta the ganyansobata’ Soba So ainnire ‘and’ where the wonders of the mind was there, and there are beautiful ganisuddha liquid to the audience. Arun Prasad’s cinematography, Raju Khan, Adil Shaikh, semolina Kumar has directed dance. This film has worked with artists from many sinesrstitila Southern US. The Arun nationals, Amin Haji, Haji Karim, Kishori Ballal, Devika daphtaradara, Usha Naik, santanu moghe, Samir khadekara, Omkar Kulkarni, Amey potter and Sachin Deshpande important role. Besides skills – Moses said direkta audience will certainly enjoy the cyclone action scenes. This movie is coming out next with Complete Entertainment pamkeja on July 24 in Maharashtra and Karnataka audience.



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