India to gets its first horse museum in Sarangkheda, Maharashtra



~ Built on six and a half acres MTDC aims to complete the museum in the next one and half years ~

~ Horse market has risen, in the last 11 days, 685 units were sold with the turnover of 1. 97 crores ~

Mumbai, 12th December 2017: The renowned horse fest at Sarangkheda in tribal area of Nandurbar district is set to grow, as Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and State Government is developing a dome shaped horse museum in the region. The inauguration of the site was recently graced by Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra during the recent Sarangkheda Festival 2017. The main aim is to attract tourists and generate employment opportunities for the local communities.

Sarangkheda, is a small village situated in the Nandurbar district with a population of 10,000 villagers. Around 397 km away from Mumbai, Sarangkheda has been an attraction of horse trading for more than 300 years. From warriors to traders, and the Nizams to farmers, from Marathas to Mughals, Sarangkheda fascinated individuals from all walks of life to trade in horses. Today, the Sarangkheda Chetak Festival is a mutually organized event by MTDC and Sarangkheda Committee to showcase the stunning diversity of horses to the world. So far, the festival has experienced the sale of 685 horses with the value of Rs 1.97 Crore and the number is going to increase in coming weeks.

A 300-year-old legacy has transformed the vibrant heritage for those who appreciate world-class riding. The strategic plan of the horse museum is being developed by MTDC to transform the stunning landscaped building with leisure amenities to boost tourism prospects of Nandurbar district. The Horse Museum throws light on the history of the festival with other interesting facts. On the ground floor consists of double height entrance lobby with reception, space for Sarangkheda history exhibition, horse structure section, exhibition areas for various articles and models of horse, cafeteria with central court and souvenir workshop and landscape areas will be developed. The first floor will consist of historic exhibition area, exhibition spaces, VIP lounge, auditorium, back office, public library and supervising gallery to central court.

Speaking at the Occasion, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra said, “I am pleased to be a part of the 300-year-old rich legacy of the horse market which allure travelers in the past and in the present. The plan is to develop Horse Museum with all the world-class amenities. Tourism segment has massive potential in creating employment opportunities, I am optimistic that through this initiative, Sarangkheda will have an exceptional place on the world tourism map. We have sanctioned Rs 4.98 crore for the museum and the dome shaped horse museum will be constructed on 6.5 acres land along the Tapi River.  Since the prehistoric period the horse stands for wealth, prosperity & represents supremacy, grace, dignity and strength. The Horse Museum aims to position Nandurbar as the emerging destination for horse lovers across the world.”

Speaking at the occasion, Shri. Jaykumar Rawal, Minister of Tourism & (EGS), Government of Maharashtra said, “We are looking at building and expanding a strong tourism prospects such as the Horse Museum to fascinate huge numbers of travellers all across the globe. I am certain that the Horse Museum will educate about the several varieties, colour and pattern, life of horses. Through this initiation, Department of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra and MTDC desire to surge the tourist influx in Nandurbar district and generate job opportunities.”


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