IG International Takes Stemilt Apples To Your Door



I G International Pvt Limited (IGIPL), one of the leading names in fresh fruits imports and exports in the country in a bid to educate consumers across India about benefits of Stemilt apples has been organising unique road shows these days. In an attempt to create a common visual identity, all the individual events are supported with a range of information kits talking about Stemilt apples and its health benefits for the apple-lovers.
Talking to media persons, Mr. Tarun Arora, Director, I G International Pvt. Ltd. said, “A canter truck mounted with extensive Stemilt apple branding is being used for consumer promotions in around 100 major cities across the country. The branded canter is parked close to local fruit vendors selling Stemilt apples and also near several residential complexes for easy access. We intend to reach out to around two million potential customers in these cities.”
Indian apple lovers dwelling in small towns and cities are set to get the taste of succulent and juicy Stemilt apples this summer, which has recorded higher production this year.
“Apple is the perfect fruit to promote year round as it contributes approximately 12% of the entire produce department’s dollar sales”, added Arora. The top three apple varieties of Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, represent almost 75 per cent of the entire apple category.
Talking about this unique initiative, Arora said, “Roadshows have been developed by marketing experts by thinking from a customers’ perspective. The basic idea is to travel from town to town in order to market products and services by promoting them directly at the customers’ ‘front door’.”



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