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Get up, close and personal with Twitter India’s new series

India, 30th September 2020: Twitter, a space that connects people through the power of conversation, is set to bring you closer to some of the most promising talent across the entertainment industry in India. Launching the #HaveYouFollowed series, Twitter will be putting the spotlight on director Arati Kadav (@AratiKadav), whose debut feature, the sci-fi film Cargo, has been appreciated by cinema lovers across the country. The initiative will also feature a Tweet chat between Arati and noted filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane (@VikramMotwane), the Executive Producer of Cargo and Arati’s mentor, on her journey, voice and future goals as a filmmaker.

The #HaveYouFollowed series aims at engaging with some of the brightest talent from entertainment segments such as film, music, TV, web, comedy, literature, theatre, by bringing their work under the spotlight. By showcasing these artists, Twitter looks at giving them a space to connect with their fans as well as to inspire young aspirants to learn from their journeys. 

In the first leg of the series, Arati Kadav via her handle @AratiKadav, shared 5 things that she wants people to know about her, and her work. She will also share an exclusive sneak peek to her next work.

Talking about the activity, Arati commented, “As a newcomer in the entertainment industry, it feels joyful and energizing to be noticed and appreciated for your work. I have a lot of gratitude for the positive response my film Cargo has received from people across the country and on Twitter. I am  thrilled to now make my debut on Twitter’s new #HaveYouFollowed series, and eagerly look forward to engaging and connecting with people directly.”

As part of the activation, Vikramaditya Motwane (@VikramMotwane) will have a conversation with Arati, asking her questions about the inspiration behind her work, her journey to becoming a filmmaker, and her favourite memories from Cargo. The interaction will take place using Twitter’s latest conversation settings that give people control over who can reply to their Tweet – everyone (this is the default setting), people one follows, or only people they mention. Fans on Twitter will be able to Tweet in their questions using the hashtags #HaveYouFollowed and #AskArati, and get to know her first hand. 


Vikramaditya Motwane, too, shared his thoughts on the activation, saying, “I’ve worked with Arati very closely, and she’s an incredibly talented filmmaker. I am happy that through the new #HaveYouFollowed series, Twitter is turning the spotlight on well-deserving talent in the entertainment industry, and creating a fun space to promote interaction between them and those who admire their work.”

Twitter India (@TwitterIndia) has also curated a List titled “#HaveYouFollowed”. A List is a curated group of Twitter accounts. While browsing online, it can get overwhelming to discover the latest conversations that one may find interesting. Hence, anyone can create their own Lists or follow Lists created by others, making it easier to find what they are looking for. 

Talking about the series, Cheryl-Ann Couto, Partnerships Manager at Twitter India, said, “Twitter’s audiences have always been super enthused about entertainment updates and often take over the service to appreciate and engage with their favourite artists. It only seemed fitting to take these conversations a step further by turning the spotlight on some of the brightest talent in Entertainment so that their fans and future fans know where to find and interact with them and their work. We’re excited to launch the #HaveYouFollowed series and hope to bring as many deserving artists and their work to people’s attention.”

With subsequent episodes under #HaveYouFollowed series, the service would keep on adding the participating talent to this List, making it easier for people to follow them and get to know more about their work. 


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