Fruits & Vegetables with Pesticide effects fertility



Male friends if you are thinking that eating more of fruits and vegetables will increase your fertility then Beware . A recent survey has shown that now-a-days  fruits & vegetables which are grown using more of pesticide is quite dangerous for male fertility.

Chemicals which is used to kill organisms on non-organic fruits and vegetables are harmful to plants & may be affecting men’s ability to reproduce. Scientists have shown that there is a link between reduction in sperm count and pesticide.

According to a study of 155 men published in Human Reproduction, it was found that those who ate the most vegetables and fruits with high residue level of pesticide had as less as 49% lower sperm count compared to those who consume less  of them. It also highlighted that these men also have 32% fewer sperm that was normally formed.

Golden Book of World record winner Dr Manoj Chellani, IVF Specialist , Aayush Test Tube Baby Center said “ Consumtion of fruits and vegetables in general  should not be discouraged by these findings. In fact it’s found that total intake of vegetables and fruits was completely unrelated to semen quality. Though this is the first study which has investigated this question in a systematic way giving tantalizing results , it should be interpreted keeping small caution in mind that this study must be having its own flaws and limitation.  ”

Participants of this study were aged between 18 to 55 and all were from couples who were scheduling to use their own sperms and eggs for infertility treatment. Men who were consuming highest intake of pesticide laden fruits and vegetables minimum 1.5 serving each day had a low average sperm count of 86 million sperm per sample compared to those who have low consumption of fruits and vegetables per day .


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