Emami reintroduces Zandu Balm in a brand new avatar



August 8, 2016: Zandu Balm, the leading pain relief solution in India from the house of Emami Ltd, has been reintroduced with a new and advanced formulation offering a more effective and faster pain solution. The new Zandu Balm comes with a renewed brand innovation in order to tackle the various challenges of body aches & pain that one suffers due to change in our lifestyle.

Life in today’s modern times has undergone a sea change with the advancement of technology. While this shift has upped the convenience quotient of our lives, in return, it has also resulted in various lifestyle disorders such as high incidences of headache, body ache and cold. Zandu Balm enjoying consumers’ trust for over 100 years, thus comes with its brand new attractive packaging and an improved formula, tailor made for tackling headaches, body aches and cold due to today’s changing lifestyle, offering a superior user experience in a non-sticky formulation for better absorption and easy spreadibility, thereby providing faster and more effective relief from pain.

The balm category in India is valued at Rs 800 crore + and is growing at 4 % by volume every year. It is one of the oldest categories with more than 350 brands.

On the occasion of this relaunch, Mr. Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Ltd said, “The rich legacy of Ayurveda coupled with the strong innovation practice at Emami Limited have always helped Zandu Balm to be the leader in the category and the ultimate pain relief solution for the consumers over decades. Thus, in 2014, consumers with acute and strong pains were offered with an Ultra Power variant from the Zandu Balm portfolio. Today, Zandu Balm has established itself as the
most trusted solution for pains of every intensity enjoying a market leadership with a share of about

50%. Constant evolution of the brand backed by strong innovation has been instrumental in consolidating and sustaining Zandu Balm’s leadership in face of changing times. Our consumer research has revealed that incidences of various kinds of pain such as headache, body ache and cold are on rise nowadays due to the change in the modern lifestyle which is highly dependent on technology. It has also been found that headaches are the highest among all the pains and the most preferred pain relief solution are Balms (used 74% of the times). However, consumers find balms sticky, which makes it difficult to apply and thus they are not highly satisfied with its usage. We believe that the new and improved Zandu Balm with its unique non-sticky formulation will emerge as an effective and faster pain relief solution to our existing as well as potential consumers helping them to lead a pain free, better and active life.”

The launch of the new Zandu Balm would be supported by an aggressive communication plan. A new campaign produced by Voxparables and directed by Vishal Vij was rolled out nationally in the month of July, highlighting the improved qualities of the product offering effective pain solution against various situations in today’s modern lifestyle. The campaign would be supplemented by a formidable modern trade and point of sales support to connect with customers nationally.

The new Zandu Balm is available in pack sizes of 1 ml, 4.5 ml, 8 ml and 25 ml priced at Rs 2, Rs 10, Rs 30 and Rs 80 respectively.


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