DocsApp adds a special department to offer free medical consultation for CoronaVirus queries



Commenting on the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, Mr. Satish Kannan, Co-Founder & CEO, DocsApp says, “While the outbreak of Covid-19 is a serious public health concern, quick access to medical expertise and credible information, is extremely important in the fight against coronavirus.

To address the same, we have added a special department for Coronavirus on our platform, where we are providing medical consultation for free.  So far, we have witnessed over 10000 queries from concerned people related to the coronavirus, from all over the country. We have also witnessed a 178% growth in consultations for common cough & cold, indicating panic amongst the public.

We have also witnessed twice the number of increase in DocsApp Gold subscriptions as individuals reach out to consult for their near & dear ones. We are focusing our efforts on raising awareness on the matter, and ensuring the availability of trusted medical advice to help control the spread of the disease & panic.

We have also extended our medical assistance to MyGate, Zee Digital, Seniority & will be working with more partners to spread awareness. It is essential to say “No To Panic” and “Yes To Prevention” and to be well informed about the COVID-19 Pandemic, to take precautionary measures. The future depends on what we do today, it is clear that all of us have to work together to fight humanity’s newest foe.”


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