Teesta Setalvad urges people to join CJP to fight against injustices



Mumbai 28th November 2017: Civil rights activist and journalist, Teesta Setalvad says you need to be united and informed to deal with injustices. More than that, you have to run a movement which shows the governments that you are not less in numbers. She urged the people to come together and show their seriousness on fighting with injustices as responsible citizens. This is necessary to show the governments that we are in large numbers standing together fighting for various injustices, she says.If anyone likes to associate with CJP’s fight for justice and peace, he/she has to visit, click on ‘become a member’ option and join the organisation by giving a small donation.

As claimed by the website, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) is a Human Rights platform dedicated to upholding and defending the freedom and constitutional rights of all Indians. Minorities of all kinds, religious, ethnic, caste and gender-based, remain a deep concern for CJP.

CJP’s New Avatar: Human Rights and Legal Resources Platform Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), a collective legal rights initiative born in 2002 to ensure transparency and accountability to a failing criminal justice system, is now expanding into a full-fledged human rights and legal resources platform. CJP, that has always been advocating the rights of oppressed religious minorities and especially victims and survivors of communal violence, will now also engage in advocacy for the rights of Adivasis, Dalits, Women, Children as well as the LGBTQIA community. As a part of its revamp, CJP is also launching a new power packed website in the occasion of Constitution Day on November 26.

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Believing that justice must be the threshold for lasting peace and harmony, through its rigorous 15 year journey, CJP has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in negotiating the justice system and in promoting advocacy related to Criminal Justice System (CJS) reform, be it witness protection, independence in investigation and prosecution and time bound trials. “Today, defending the Constitutional fundamentals on which India was founded is critical to India’s survival as a vibrant and representative democracy,” says Teesta Setalvad, Co-founder and Secretary, CJP. The group is building new synergies in civil society by engaging with human rights defenders from different backgrounds. “Under the present dispensation, the right of free expression, the land rights of forest workers and Adivasis, the basic rights of Dalits and all minorities are under attack. These are all important focus areas of our initiative,” explains Setalvad.
Citizens for Justice and Peace is also looking to highlight the importance of understanding intersectionality in human rights issues and building lasting alliances. “The time has come for all those working on issues of human needs, rights and dignity to stand up for each other in a one, vibrant citizen’s voice. Rights of all Women, Children and the LGBTQIA are all important pillars of this struggle,” she asserts.
CJP has already amassed support from several prominent civil society members who have witnessed first-hand the work done by the organisation so far. The website launch is expected to be a star-studded affair with prominent personalities from the fields of law, art, cinema, journalism and literature endorsing CJP via personal videos and blogs, coming together for a common vision.
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