While they shine the tiara of fame and popularity pioneers of hair and makeup Bharat & Dorris better known as “B & D” hosted their annual Fashion Show & Convocation Ceremony 2015 showcasing the latest trends of hair and makeup.

Fashion Show & Convocation Ceremony 2015 witnessed the presence of the judges .

Latch onto their secrets as the students of hair & makeup pioneers Bharat & Dorris shared their technique for creating contemporary beauty, bringing you the latest looks with drama, glamour and fashion. Offering a slew of designs on the ramp renowned models displayed regal looks along with many other looks in order to leave the audience love struck.

Living up to the teacher’s standards, the students of Bollywood’s Make-up gurus & Hairstylists Bharat & Dorris showcased their looks through a fashion show. The students of B&D Academy presented their looks from make-up to hair styling & a convocation ceremony after a grandeur fashion show.

The Fashion Show & Convocation Ceremony 2015 hosted by Bharat & Dorris was judged by renowned names from the glitterati :- Rohit Verma, Aneel Murarka, Niharica Raizada , Shweta Khanduri, Ajaz Khan, Anjali Pandey, Amy Billimoria & Shruti Tejwani.

Holding a penchant for hair and makeup Bharat Godambe of “B & D”, one amongst the duo says “Today’s show is the annual show where the students from the institute displayed the best of hair and makeup in the form of fashion show. The knowledge they have absorbed about hair and makeup was exhibited today. The fashion show was followed by a convocation ceremony”.

Dorris Godambe of “B & D” exclaims “An artistic background is not necessary but one must have an inborn desire for art and beauty, hence today’s evening is dedicated to the passion for the art”


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