Ajaz Khan distributed ration to the eunuchs



         Ajaz Khan distributed ration to the eunuchs.
If you are financially capable, today society needs you. If you have the ability to help, then a large section of the society expects to get something from you because keeping yourself alive in these odd circumstances of the corona epidemic has also become a big challenge.
The needy people who are reaching for help, are thanking the giver that they have come in trouble. Actor Ajaz Khan and his team have also emerged as helpers today. They have rationed a large number of eunuchs. These are communities whose occupation has been badly affected by the lockdown. Ajaz Khan and his team felt that they needed help today, so they helped by providing ration to them immediately. And ever since the Lockdown has taken place, Ajaz Khan has been helping the poor in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and all over the country in every possible way for the needy, with medicines and with money.
The trustees of the Mahim Dargah and Hajiali Dargah of Mumbai have made him the brand Ambassador of the trust, seeing the functioning of his ‘Allah Ke bandy’ Foundation. The trustee of the dargah, Suhail Khandwani, along with Ajaz, helped distribute the ration to the eunuchs.



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