“INNOVATION plays an important roll behind the success of any business” says Mr Adnan Sarkar, Founder, Dr Bubbles

“INNOVATION plays an important roll behind the success of any business” says Mr Adnan Sarkar, Founder, Dr Bubbles

Mr Adnan Sarkar

Coming from a Business family, Mr Sarkar an MBA by education shares his journey on coming up with Dr Bubbles in the yr. 2016 in Mumbai with only 1 outlet, and turning it to 35 within a time span of 2 yrs across India.

We had an opportunity to interview Mr. Sarkar. In the interview, he also shares his views on being a part of family business which is into construction and also establishing his own business by implementing and experimenting with new ideas. He says that, in last 2 years, he had sold more franchisees than flats and role of INNOVATION which played an important roll behind the success of his own business of Bubble Tea. He emphasised on having proper knowledge and focus to excel in any business.

Journey so far…

Mr. Sarkar comes from a business family which is into hotels and constructions. His love towards travelling and exploring new things, helped him to travel South East Asia and explore things which are new and unique. It was during his visit to countries where he witnessed Bubble Tea as a unique tea, which he later customised it as per Indian palate and decided to launch Bubble tea in India giving it a Brand name as ‘Dr Bubbles’.

He explains the health benefit of the drink and why terms ‘Dr.’ is part of the brand name. Bubble Tea which was merely an idea at the initial stage and soon within 2 yrs. it became a brand which has competition equal to ZERO.

Back in the yr. 2016, Mr. Sarkar started with a store located at Bandra Hill Road; on receiving positive response from the customer, he decided to expand and come up with 1 more outlet in Bandra itself i.e at Carter Road and soon after few months; Looking at the acceptance of the product he started distributing franchisee.

Following are the responses from Mr. Sarkar in a recent interview in Mumbai

Where are the outlets located in Mumbai?

Currently we have 10 outlets in Mumbai; 1 each at Kandivali, Kemps Corner, Vileparle, Chembur and 2 each at Bandra, Vashi, Thane. Soon we are coming up 1 outlet each at Malad and Andheri; which will turn the figure to 12 outlets in Mumbai and 35 outlets across India.

Please enlighten us on the products available at Dr Bubbles

We have more than 150 types of products. Initially we started off as a brand that serves Bubbles Teas in fruity flavors, but now we have expanded to Iced Teas, Iced Coffees, Yogurt Shakes, Milkshakes & regular hot Teas and Coffee too. Not just beverages, we also serve Waffles and Mini-Pancakes too. 

How much investment is needed for opening up a Franchise? And what is the return that any franchisee owner can expect?

We have targeted the mid and the lower businessman sector. Initially an investment of only Rupees 16-18 lakhs is needed. Funds are utilised to set up Machine, Products, Marketing and Communication Material. Production cost of the drink is somewhere around 20% – 25% plus one needs to add up administration expenses and property rent. As per our calculation any Franchise owner can easily generate profit of 50% – 65% after deducting all the expenses.

How much area is needed to setup a shop?

We think that, having a small setup is much better than having a bigger one. Area of approx. 250 is sufficient enough to open up a store.

We intend to give customer an experience of having something special with is unavailable at other F&B outlets across India. We emphasis on having an exclusive outlet which justifies our time and effort we have dedicated to research and come up with such a unique product.

Has anybody tried to copy your product?

We manufacture our own raw material; so no one can exactly copy our product. We have a secret recipe and ways to prepare a drink. Secondly, costing are also difficult to match which can give customers a value for money deal.

Tell us something about latest innovation

We have recently launched refreshingly soothing Bubble Coffee.

Bubble Coffee is an amalgamation of beautiful flavours with the base of a green coffee rather than black coffee. Green coffee, that is the newest addition to weight loss regimes, is known to help in boosting metabolism and is also good for skin and hair. For people who enjoy their coffee as a fun drink, Green coffee works best because it is not roasted, contains no caffeine and is not at all bitter.

Plus we have launched Waffle Nachos which is paired with a variety of divine sauces that lend all the desserts their sinful form: red velvet, chocolate sauce and the likes. It is very interesting and give a dessert kind of feel.

What are your future plans?

Franchise: We have around 35 franchises now but are looking to expand to at least 100 by next year

Products: We have 9 product lines presently and we are constantly innovating new products to increase our portfolio. Our aim is to launch a new product line every 6months

Brand: We are also seriously planning to come into the FMCG line by launching readymade bubble teas and distribute them across India in various retail outlets.


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